STOP writing press releases. It's NOT 1990.

We’re not like other, outdated PR agencies. We’re a modern publicity and content creation agency with direct newsroom, publishing, and social media influencer experience.

What We Do

In a nutshell, we make you look cool.

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Why We Do It

We live, eat, and breathe this stuff.

You have a problem.

We have the solution.

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What People Are Saying

Hi! I’m Christina Nicholson.

When I worked as a TV reporter and anchor, I got a lot of pitches from business owners and publicists at PR agencies… and I cringed at about 90% of them.

It was obvious many people trying to land coverage in the media never actually worked in the media industry, didn’t know how a newsroom operated, never published a blog of their own, were strangers to podcasts, or had yet to even post an Instagram story!

People are still approaching the media like they have for years, but guess what? The media has changed a lot and is constantly changing. I’m here for it.

All of it.

You should be too.