little words project

Little Words Project, the original one-word bracelet, wanted to build its brand with women, not just girls and teens. The founder, Adriana Carrig also wanted to build her personal brand as the founder of the New Jersey-based company.

When we began working with LWP, it sold its bracelets online and in some specialty stores.

Today, the brand is a hit with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, has multiple brick-and-mortar locations across the country, and has collaborated with brands like Crayola and Barbie.

Media Maven earned coverage on The Today Show, in Forbes, and many other target media outlets, some linked below.

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discount glasses logo

Discount Glasses and Discount Contact Lenses added earning media to their marketing strategy to content with their competition.

Using affiliate marketing programs, we were able to get them featured in countless outlets driving online clicks, leads, and sales. 

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media maven hospitality

With a portfolio of 17 hotels and six restaurants, Oceanic Enterprises kept us busy.

The hospitality industry is one of our favorites to earn coverage for because it’s so visual and we can treat journalists to a fantastic experience year-round.

In addition to working with niche influencers and content creators, we also earned many of the hotels and restaurants media coverage, some you can see below by clicking on the link.

media maven el camino client

El Camino came to Media Maven with a plan to advertise its second restaurant opening.

Instead of buying ads, we executed a less expensive strategy and earned more news coverage than the ads would have paid for.

Now, El Camino is opening its fourth location in South Florida.

After seeing success with the parent company of Midas, TBC Corporation, Midas became a client.

Its goal is to showcase the good things the brick-and-mortar locations across the country do for customers.  

media maven vyzer

After the Director of Marketing at Vyzer heard Media Maven’s CEO, Christina Nicholson, speak at FinCon, the private investment concierge become a client.

The new company wanted to build their brand awareness and be positioned as experts in the investment portfolio industry.

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What People Are Saying

“Christina helped me land a spot in one of my dream publications – Fast Company! As a former TV reporter and anchor, Christina understands the importance of earning media to grow your brand in the biggest way.”


Business Coach For Online Entrepreneurs And Coaches, Best Selling Author

“Once Christina took over our account good things began to happen, like TV news interviews with major stations in Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami and Baltimore/Washington DC. Her follow-up and communication with me as client point person was superb. And her professionalism was second to none. I’d highly recommend Christina.


Founder Of University Research And Review

“I love all of Christina’s content. It’s so spot on and useful for people looking for media.”


Formally At MSNBC/ Currently At Univision

“After listening to Christina on the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I went over to Christina’s web page and signed up for the 10-day challenge. Though I had been working with various media sources in the past, Christina’s emails prompted me to take my game one step further- with great results!

I had organized a soup tasting event (which I called ‘The Souper Bowl’) and was hoping for media attention. In the end, two newspaper journalists came and covered the story. The tv reporter that was supposed to come got a cheery follow-up email and ended up coming to the library the next weekend to do a live interview on a different topic.

My little town has a population of 1,000 people and about the same number of farm animals, but we are located a 1/2 hour from a city of substantial size. All the journalists left the city stories to cover my little, tiny library story. Thanks so much, Christina, for that added push to persevere with local media, even when the efforts seem fruitless at times.”


Powassan And District Union Public Library

“I’ve worked with other PR firms in the past with limited success. Often times I would spend $1000s and would barely hear from them or maybe get one or two “hits.” When I worked with Christina, I was not prepared for what was to come. Every day I heard from that woman. She was on me, whereas the other firms I had wasted money on, I barely ever heard from and I had to keep following up with them to get them to give me something.

I think she got us around 20 “hits” in a month (online and print articles featuring our company or advice) and we had several TV appearances lined up from her. She literally kept me so busy with different media outlets that I was working almost 18 hour days to try to keep up with everything.

Also, she’s super classy and professional. I personally witnessed her professionally handle a rude reporter with ease. If you want to receive press and have someone work their rear off for you, she’s the real deal and who you want on your side. Literally, she was our PR angel that really helped to take us to the next level.”


Founder Of Cupid’s Cronies

“We have received more attention in the past three months than over the past 23 years!”


Founder Of The Chiera Family Foundation

“Christina Nicholson is one of the most detail-oriented media specialists that I have ever encountered. She ensured that tasks were prioritized and completed in a timely manner. As an account executive for a thriving restaurant brand there are fewer tasks more difficult than what Christina dealt with on a day to day basis. I would welcome the opportunity to work Christina again in the future.”


Restaurant General Manager

“I’ve worked with Christina several times and she is very professional, quick and thorough. Her content is of great quality and I would recommend others to work with her on content creation.”


Bloggin' Mamas

“Christina is an upbeat professional with the media skills to perform well and excel in meeting her clients’ goals. She is very organized and is always one step ahead in all that she does. ”


Marketing Consultant

“Christina truly is an expert in what she does. In my marketing strategy process, she asked questions others didn’t to really break down my goals and strategize solutions that would benefit my business. When I started implementing tactics, she was there to break down the response and guide me on what to do next.”


Creative Director At Home Fix, Inc.

“We have received more attention in the past three months than over the past 23 years!. “

Lou Chiera

Non-Profit Founder

” Working with Christina gave me the needed momentum to craft effective pitches and quickly land media exposure on highly desirable outlets, including local TV stations and major online publications. “

Crystal Karges


” I think she got us around 20 hits in a month and we had several TV appearances lined up from her. “

April Davis

Professional Matchmaker

“I heard Christina’s interview on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn during my commute to work one morning. Christina talked about mistakes people make by not making themselves newsworthy. She also mentioned that everyone wants a good story, not an advertisement. Pitching to pitch will not work. I was moved by Christina’s examples from the interview.

I took what I learned from Christina and I put together a great story. It was an American Success Story. I then pitched it to a few local outlets. It didn’t take long for them to reach out to me. We made it on the front page of the Living section in our local newspaper. It was published in a Sunday edition, the same day of the Super Bowl. We were also featured on the 5pm, 6pm and 11pm news. Our story was published on their websites and their social media outlets. It was all thanks to Christina.”


Marketing Consultant

“I was feeling lost in my media strategy. I’d had some success getting quoted in different publications before working with Christina, but felt like my media hits weren’t making the impact I had hoped for. Christina helped me to improve here — giving me advice on to finetuning my pitch approach, self-promotion, and my connections with other journalists. Christina’s guidance has helped me get in the press more frequently and more quickly since we started. I was also able to make better use of my Forbes column to connect with others in the media.

In terms of working with Christina personally, she’s smart, savvy, and compassionate — qualities I appreciate in a coach. In addition, she was direct and gave me concrete tools I could use to improve on my marketing in general–from website/SEO, social media, and beyond. She makes working on marketing (a task I’ve dreaded) accessible, and even fun. I’d definitely work with Christina again and would highly recommend engaging her as a coach!”


College Admissions Guide And Owner, VivED Consulting LLC

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christina on several different projects. She is hard-working and professional at all times. She doesn’t make promises that she can’t keep. Her on-air personality is bubbly and engaging, the same as her off-air personality. She’s a real dynamo and I would never pass on an opportunity to work together.”


The Eclipse Agency

“Christina is amazing. She brings her skills and contacts from her years as a TV anchor as well as her strong sense of determination to find medial opportunities for her clients. She is extraordinarily persistent and extremely conscientious. Her ambition, coupled with her talent, is the reason we often work together and the clients we have shared have only praise for her efforts.”  


Healthcare Publicist

“Christina’s messages, insider tips, and strategies are extremely helpful. Her expertise and insight as both a public relations professional and journalist provide her a unique and valuable perspective on communications industries in general, and public relations specifically.”


UF Assistant Professor Of Communication

I worked with Christina to learn more about securing meaningful, free PR and media coverage for my business.

With Christina’s very thorough guidance and support, I secured several newspaper stories, several blog posts, and most importantly, a feature story on a top-rating evening current affairs program.

This PR has been invaluable for my business and I’m very grateful to Christina for her help and knowledge.

I would not hesitate to recommend Christina if you’re keen to learn more about effective PR and Media Relations.


Director Of Queen Of Snow Globes

Working with Christina has been pivotal in optimizing PR for my business and creating opportunities I never thought possible.

As a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, I had been doing my own PR and spending a significant amount of my time pitching the media, only to earn a minimal amount of coverage.

Working with Christina gave me the needed momentum to craft effective pitches and quickly land media exposure on highly desirable outlets, including local TV stations and major online publications. Christina has always been available to answer my questions, has provided insightful strategies and tactics for moving forward.

Having the opportunity to work with Christina has been an invaluable investment for my business and for creating powerful PR exposure for my brand. I would strongly recommend working with Christina to actually grow business through earned media and create new opportunities with PR.


Owner Of Crystal Karges Nutrition