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You want to be a household name. The only problem is you don’t know how to get attention in places you’d love to be seen online, in print, on TV and as a guest on popular podcasts.

There are 3 main hurdles keeping business owners from earning exposure in the media regularly…

Which one is keeping you stuck?


You don’t have money to hire a publicist and you think without one, there’s no way big time exposure can happen. You probably feel like you aren’t “ready” or “successful enough” to be seen in your dream media outlets… so you’re not even trying.


You don’t have a big enough audience so you worry if you pitch yourself, no one would even want to hear from you. You may feel like you’re not worthy or deserving of the attention you want because of the size of your email list or social media following.


You know where you want to be featured, but you don’t know how to get ahold of the decision maker. This can feel overwhelming – like you’re lost without a map and have no connections to anyone in the media. How do you find the right person’s contact information, anyway?

I hear it all the time..

I meet a ton of passionate entrepreneurs who are full of brilliant products, services, or expertise that would make killer features, but they can’t seem to get the attention. They either:


Tried pitching the media before only to hear crickets



Are scared to put themselves out there in fear of not being “big enough".

And no matter how hard you try, you're still struggling to get attention for your business consistently. Sound familiar?

I’m here to help you send pitches to the media that are so irresistible… they practically sell themselves.

Before you hit me with an eye roll and tell me that’s impossible, hang with me for a second. When I was a TV reporter, I saw it multiple times… on a daily basis – media pitches from business owners, marketers, and publicists at PR agencies.

Delete. Delete. Delete. That was me in my inbox.

Insert all publicists and business owners wondering what the hell they were doing wrong when they reached out to my colleagues and me in the newsroom… possibly wondering if they were really cut out for this whole earned media thing. But fast forward a few years to my new career “on the other side” and I’m able to get business owners booked in their dream media outlets, no matter the size.

How? Because I’ve sat in the exact shoes of the person saying, “YES!” to a pitch… and I want to share it all with you in this 3-hour bootcamp.

If your ads aren’t working, you have a small audience, or you don’t know where your next leads will come from, this bootcamp is for you.

Here’s the thing – writing and sending pitches that end with reporters vying to interview you isn’t rocket science… but it does take knowing a few key ingredients that take your pitch from something that would be put on the back burner to something a writer, producer, or host needs right this second.

I’ve used these secret ingredients to land big-time media exposure for myself… and also help the entrepreneurs I work with do the exact same thing.

And now, I’ve taken those ingredients and turned them into a completely transformational 3-day program that’s helped business owners just like you build personal brands that saw massive audience growth, more recognition, and higher conversions… in just 3 days!

These ingredients work for any niche imaginable from products like subscription boxes and custom snow globes (seriously) to services like accounting, recycling, and female empowerment… not to mention building your personal brand along the way.

So if it works for them, why not you?

If you’re ready to finally land press features that get you instantly recognized, making it easier than ever to convert leads, then I’d like to formally invite you to…



Join the 3-hour training that hands over the proven ingredients needed to pitch a story idea to the media or a podcast host that they actually want to cover!

No 20+ video modules to go through.
No hours and hours of coaching calls.
No year-long process that may or may not work.

Just exactly what you need to grab the attention of the media that will grow your audience and get them jumping into your DMs wanting what you have!

You’ll have FULL ACCESS to the replays… forever!

Ready to land press features without spending money on ads?

Get massive audience growth… even if no one knows about you.

Stop being a best-kept secret in your industry and become the go-to person people want to work with – flooded with drool-worthy media coverage that keep your leads list full in just 3 hours ($2,945 value)

Join our Members-Only Facebook Group to help you work through the key elements. I’ve taken the highs and lows of my experience as a TV reporter and anchor, online contributor, and podcast host and distilled them into the essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to get more authority and credibility. Think of me as the shortcut to your success! Here’s a sneak peek at how it’s all going down.

Day One


If it feels like no one knows about you and what you do, learn how to define your personal brand in less than 3 sentences that sounds different from everyone else who does the same thing you do so that more people will recognize you and you will be chosen over them.

By the end of the first day, you are going to walk away with your own unique selling point that will make a member of the media choose you over your competitors.


Maybe you don’t know who to pitch or what to say to get coverage, or you’re sending pitches but getting crickets. Go behind the scenes to learn what one of my media mentoring clients did as we dissect the exact pitch she used to land a 5-minute segment on TV in San Diego.

We will discuss specific pitch ideas for you to create an outline so you can finally get the exposure you deserve. End this day with a proven strategy for nailing your pitch to any media outlet at any time.

Day Two

Day Three


See how publicity can turn into profit – specifically, by making brand deals with local businesses and turning one TV appearance into more local appearances for one of my media mentoring clients. For you, it could also be:
This promotion strategy is so reliable it’s like owning and operating your own ATM.

Members-Only support community

Get ready to walk away with a new batch of entrepreneur friends who share similar goals and can help you build your business. Most of this happens inside the private support community you’ll have access to.

Think of this as the hallway outside the main conference room where you can spark up a conversation between sessions.

Media Mindset Masterclass (Valued at $97)

…to help you release the five crushing “not enough” beliefs that are stopping you from having everything you want. The biggest mistake I see small business owners make is using the “I’m not ready/big enough for this” excuse. I’m prepared to change your mindset by proving to you that this is a big fat myth.

Personal Branding Workbook (Valued at $97)

…that hands you a method my team uses at my PR agency, Media Maven, to book clients on four podcasts each month. This bonus is the icing on your media earning cake because we will fill this out together on day 1.

“Fill-in-the-Blanks” Pitch Template (Valued at $97)

…to help you lay out any pitch with any angle and create it in a way that is so damn irresistible, it’ll practically sell itself! Writing a pitch from scratch can be daunting and overwhelming… but not anymore. (Pssst: we’ll be filling this out together throughout the program… so YES, you really will have ALL of the pieces in place in just 3 days!)

The Exact Pitch (Valued at $97)

…one of my media mentoring clients used to book a live 5-minute segment on TV in a top #30 market less than two days after hitting send. Yes, I will give you the exact pitch word for word. Making a copy and turning it into your own has never been so easy.

My Help a Reporter Out Formula (Valued at $97)

…to land the media opportunities that will come to you multiple times a day. These are free tools my clients and I use to land coverage on a consistent basis, week after week.

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Snag more than $2,945 in value…

...for just $37

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I take your investment seriously. In turn, I ask that you do the same.

If after the end of Day 1, you feel you haven’t gotten at least 10x the value of your investment ($370 in media-earning content, ideas, and instructions), I will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email me.

Sound fair?

Here’s the thing — pitching a story that grabs the interest of a reporter, editor, or podcast booker isn’t rocket science…

This is the only program that gives you direct access to me. Plus, the entire curriculum and bonuses are based on my experience working in a newsroom and as the owner of a successful public relations agency. I’m not some random who took a PR class or got a PR degree and launched an online course with information and no experience. Plus, I’m an oversharer with no filter… and you’ll soon see!
YES! Two of our most successful clients operate businesses in Italy and Australia. These strategies work for all forms of media – TV, online, print, podcasts, etc., across the globe.
You’re not making money yet because people don’t know about you! This program gets you infront of your ideal customer or client so you will start to make money. This is step one. Whether you’re just getting started and have no idea where to begin or you need to step up your PR game, I’ve got your back.
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Snag more than $2,945 in value…

...for just $37