Why I Got Out of Online Business

Why I Got Out of Online Business

I got out of online business for a few reasons.

To clarify, I still have my online course The Media Mentoring Program, but I am not actively promoting it.

People who join either ask me about it or they see an old post or hear an old podcast episode.

A lot has changed in the industry and with me, so I’m sharing it here… and letting you know what to pay attention to in the industry as well because there is a lot you need to be looking at so you’re not tricked as many are.

In a nutshell, my four reasons are:

  1. The other people in online business
  2. The mindset of people who look to purchase online courses
  3. The 80/20 rule
  4.  The lack of control over the client’s results

As you’ll hear, I go into each of these reasons in depth… and they may not be what you think. (Trust me, you’ll want to listen.)

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