Who Advertises on Facebook (and how to do it)

Facebook is the biggest social media platforms. The social media giant is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the marketing industry. Earning billions a year (Yes, you’ve read that right!) in advertising revenue, you can’t help but ask, who uses this service?

Since Facebook has many users all over the world, it has been the perfect stop for companies to advertise their products or services to a targeted audience. The social media platform’s massive reach attracts many big and small companies to use their ads because they make it cost effective and hassle-free.

Who Advertises on Facebook

Some of the biggest companies spending money on Facebook are:

  • FORD
  • McDonalds and Starbucks
  • Nike
  • JPMorgan Chase and CITI Bank


There are thousands of giant companies who are not included in the list. Aside from these well-known brands, there are millions of small businesses that use Facebook advertising as well.

Facebook is a platform for everyone and everything. Local restaurants use Facebook to gain attention and the increase in online shopping is, in large part, thanks to the platform.

How to Advertise on Facebook

If you’re thinking only big companies can benefit in advertising on Facebook, then you’re wrong. Whether you’re just starting out with a small, medium, or a large scale business, Facebook ads are a great way to promote what you offer. If you’re strategic, you can turn your small-scale business to a popular and trusted brand worldwide.

Here are six easy steps to set up your first Facebook ad.

1. Choose your objective

Before anything else, you should know your advertising objective. It could be leads, or brand recognition, or anything that best fits the goal of the ad.

2. Select your audience

This is the most important step. Choose the demographics like age, location, interest, job title, etc. of the people you want to reach. If your audience isn’t right, the ad won’t work so really concentrate on this.

3. Decide where to run your ad

Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or the apps and websites in Audience Network – or across all of them, this is where you make you selection. After your ad start running, you can see how it’s performing across all these places.

4. Set your budget

This step is actually self-explanatory. All you need to do is set the duration of your advertisement and how much your daily or lifetime budget is.

5. Pick a format

In this stage, it’s your time to customize! You can choose to show a single image, a video, or multiple images. You can also choose to create a slideshow or canvas ad. This all depends on your preference and how you envision your ad. (Use a video – they convert the best!)

6. Measure and manage

Once your ad is running, you can keep track of its performance using the Facebook Ad Manager, Power Editor, or Business Manager. You can also some of its features to edit and adjust your campaign to get the most bang for your buck!

Obviously, there is a whole lot more to running ads than this, but these are the basics to get started.

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