For those just starting their online business, one of the most challenging tasks is to select a web host for a website or blog. This task is difficult because of the number of web hosting companies available. When it comes to finding the best website host to run a blog or a website, there are a few warning signs that business owners, as well as bloggers, need to be aware of to ensure their website or blog is hosted on a secure server. free-media Web hosting plays an important role when it comes to your site’s performance and functionality online. To stay away from issues like sluggish website speed that could affect your site’s traffic and ranking. It’s also important to protect your website from all potential cyber threats. Here is a comprehensive infographic that highlights the 21 warning signs you need to look out for when choosing a new web host for your business. Take a look at the infographic below to learn the signs of a low-quality web host. To learn more, click here. Web-Hosting-Infographic This is a guest post by Sudhir Bhushan – a tech and social enthusiast. He is also a web entrepreneur.