Since the world is now connected through social media, people have tried to grow their presence online, both personally and professionally, by joining active social networks.

For marketers, Twitter is Godsend because it has a large base of active users, many of them in media tweeting.

Anyone can tweet, but not everyone can write a tweet that moves people to action. Also, few people possess the skill to write tweets that have a high click-through rate.

With this in mind, this guest blog post will give some killer tips to write tweets that have a massive click-through rate.


1. Ask Questions on Twitter

The use of questions is a great technique to attract more people with your tweet. It is almost second nature for people to respond with answers whenever a question is asked.

The answer may not be necessarily right or wrong, but the satisfaction of most people lies in the action of answering a question. People react to such opportunities with great zeal since it offers an avenue for them to give their views, perceptions, dispositions, thoughts and opinions on the matter at hand. Whenever you pose a question to someone, you automatically engage his or her mind. This engagement is what will ultimately earn that click, even if the issue that you’re asking might be commonplace.

In another sense, posing a question arouses curiosity. Your tweet may get lots of clicks by curious people who would possibly want to see the answers that have been prompted. Others just want to see what you are up to.

You can pose questions such as: “Does social media have any essence in content marketing?” The answer is yes… and it’s obvious. However, some curious people, even when knowing the answer, will just click through to see what you are getting at and what others are saying.

You can also ask viewpoint questions such as: “What’s your opinion on… ?” or “Any thoughts on… ?” A lot of people will automatically feel inclined to respond and will ultimately click your tweet to answer the questions.

2. Use Viral Words in Tweets

Of course, every marketer wants to use their own set of words to voice their brand. But sometimes, all that is needed for a tweet to have a massive click-through rate are strategic words that have mass appeal. These are the so-called ‘viral words’ which when used anywhere on Twitter, will elicit reactions from a large group of people. Thus, it makes sense for any person to use these words and phrases if they intend to spread their content.

When these words are used, it has been noticed that the number of retweets drastically increase.

The common characteristics of these words include:

  • They tell people to perform a specific action. For example, see, look, hear, etc.
  • They are generally in the superlative form, for example, the best, the ultimate, the clearest, the fastest, etc.
  • They reference a certain audience. For example, them, you, etc.
  • They explain or elaborate on a certain problem or process. Most of these start with the phrase “How to…”.

Social media strategists have also noted that the word ‘retweet’ is actually a viral word. When one asks their audience to retweet, they are bound to get a higher click rate than those who don’t.

3. Focus on Clarity on Twitter

At times, it doesn’t require high intellect to come up with a great tweet. Most marketers tend to sound smart by using some pompous words. They have the false perception that the use of jargon could impress and attract massive traffic. Every online marketer can relate.

Unfortunately, trying to impress with pomp and jargon never works. It makes you lose a massive following. The reason behind this is because most people will feel disconnected with your content. They may think that it is not relevant to them, so they’ll ignore it. You will also lose others since they initially got confused with your tweet.

Focus on being clear in your content. Use simple language that resonates with most of your audience. To ace this, use words and expressions that are used in daily conversations.

4. Employ Numbers and Data in Tweets

Numbers are considered to make statements more specific. To illustrate, let’s consider these two sentences:

A lot of money was used in the construction of the school.

The construction of the school cost $500,000.

The first sentence, even though is grammatically and logically correct, does not present any specifics of the monetary cost of the construction of the school. However, the second sentence is more specific and gives a monetary figure.

The same case applies to tweets. Let’s consider these two tweets:

“Tips to earn more money this month.”

“5 great tips to earn $ 900 in just 30 days”.

Which of the two do you think will have more clicks? The second one will for sure have more clicks. It stands out as it explains precisely how much money one stands to make and in what time frame. It is also quite enticing to any reader that might come across it.

When using numbers, ensure you place the actual figures without spelling it out. Your tweet is bound to have more impact when the numerals are used in place of words.

5. Include a Call to Action in Tweets

Every content needs a call to action for it to be considered complete. Your tweets are not exempt. They should have a clear call to action that shows the steps one needs to take to benefit from your proposition.

Also, people need to be told what to do sometimes. It isn’t right to assume that people know what to do. Others may have a rough idea; all they need is an affirmation. Therefore, tell people what you want them to do after reading your content.

For example, if you were promoting something that ultimately needed to be downloaded, ensure that your tweet expressly tells people to download it. To illustrate:

“Want a free nature wallpaper? Download it here…”

When writing a call to action, ensure that you do not place too many actions or offers. It may confuse people on the most probable action to take. Just write single actions, and you will see your click-through rates increase.

6. Use Short and Appropriate Hashtags on Twitter

Well, we cannot talk about tweets and forget to mention hashtags. Everyone on Twitter lives for these hashtags. They are more like movements and they take Twitter conversations to another level.

However, don’t just use any hashtag. Your objective is to increase the click-through rates of your tweet, hence, your hashtag should be a strategic one. The most followed hashtags are usually short and easy to follow along. Thus, you are better off using one that embodies these characteristics. You can use about two hashtags in your tweets to elicit more engagement from people.

You can also decide to leverage an existing hashtag. If you use an existing one, make sure that you are contributing to the conversation positively. Post relevant content that will genuinely add value to the already initiated conversation.

Leveraging social media platforms like Twitter is a great move that can guarantee marketing success.


This is a guest post by Christina Battons – a creative and content strategist who helps people and students succeed at self-education, writing, motivation, professional development and more by sharing her knowledge. In addition to contributing to other blogs, she writes at EliteEssayWriters.