how I went from tv to pr

How I Went From TV to PR

How I Went From TV to PR

I worked in TV as a reporter and anchor for 10 years.

After having a couple of kids, and many PR agencies NOT hiring me, I finally got a job at a PR agency.

It only lasted six months because the working environment was terrible.

That’s when I started working as a “professional freelancer” and accidentally started building a team that led to the agency I have today.

I worked with a variety of business coaches, found clients in different places, and I’m sharing it all in this episode.

Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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going from tv to pr

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Lisa has given herself a personal challenge to give away 55 free Invisible to In-Demand coaching sessions in 55 days.

Lisa can set you up to get on stages, in media, to partner with brands, and other no-cost ways to get in front of a lot of leads quickly and catch the attention (and trust!) of potential clients.

I can tell you that Lisa is the real deal and I see this as a great chance for you to get more people to know about you.

It’s totally a ‘give’ from Lisa to do the free session – no catch, no strings attached.

Here’s the link to grab one of Lisa’s Invisible to In-Demand sessions.

I hope you get a ton of value from it.

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