Whether you create flyers or online advertisements, you will probably face tough competition, especially in the travel advertising industry.

A compelling and successful advertisement shows potential clients why they should book to travel with your company instead of selecting another. It needs to be intriguing and informative. Use these six travel agency advertising samples as a guide.

Six Travel Agency Advertising Samples

1. Use of Graphics

When booking travel, people often choose their destination based on the idea of the trip. You can use graphics to tap into those feelings and encourage a potential client to contact you. 

For example, if your company sells honeymoon retreats, you should include pictures that are appealing and can invoke romance or relaxation.  For family vacations, you could use photos of kids playing. 

Visual pictures or graphics can communicate your agency’s specialty more effectively than any other method.

2. Opt for Magnificence

When choosing the pictures to use in travel advertisements, ensure that they capture the viewer’s interest.

Be strategic when selecting images. Beautiful, stunning pictures are the way to go! For example, views of crystal clear oceans, sparkly waterfalls, spectacular sunsets, snow-capped foothills and intriguing festivals are natural more compelling than more common images.

Contemplate what your destination offers and use those photographs to make its attractions more appealing.  A city destination should feature a picture of the skyline and of the city lights. You get the point.


3. Include a Slogan or Caption to Catch Attention

Any advertisement – flyer, website, or newspaper ads may disclose the name of the exact location, but it still might not be enough to attract clients. To enhance their interest, you should include a line or two that explains to potential clients and travelers why they should visit that destination.  

You can use a well-structured sentence to show their chosen destination is the best for explorers or lovers. You can also show them it is a perfect place for fine dining, theater, partying, gambling, or even general exploration. However, this shouldn’t be done by any person; it requires an expert to come up with a very good, memorable caption.

4. Make It Colorful

A dull or black and white advertisement won’t attract much attention. People see so many advertisements daily… and they ignore most of them. Going for very colorful schemes for your advertisement may get them noticed more. 

For flyers, you should a variety of colors and designs, however, do not keep changing the logo, as it is the identifying badge of your travel business and means satisfied customers will return in the future.

5. Disclose Your Business

Your travel advertising agency should be aware that potential customers have so many travel companies to choose from. Therefore, you should give a clear reason why people should choose your agency in the ad.

If you are a specialist in highly modified travel arrangements or last-minute trips, include it in your copy.  If you have authority in adventure travel, reveal it to potential clients. Similarly, if you are specialized in booking trips for groups and organizing hassle-free vacations, it should appear in the advertisement.

6. Include contact details

The most attractive travel ad can never help your association if potential customers cannot figure out how to reach or contact you. You should make it easy for them by including the name of your agency along with the contact details. 

Remember, many people are going to give up if they need to put too much effort into finding your agency’s contact details. You should at least include a telephone number, email address, and a website in the advertisement.

  This is a guest blog post by Jessica Davidson.