5 Things on My NOT To-Do List


I love being productive and efficient. Sometimes a NOT to-do list can help you get just as much done if not more.

While traditional to-do lists outline tasks and obligations, a “NOT to do” list allows you to identify and eliminate nonessential or unproductive activities. 

By clearly defining what activities should be avoided or minimized, it helps in setting boundaries and staying focused on the most critical tasks. 

This approach prevents wasted time and energy on distractions, unimportant commitments, or counterproductive habits. 

By consciously avoiding these activities, you can allocate more time and energy towards meaningful, high-priority tasks that contribute to your goals and overall success. 

5 Things on My NOT To-Do List

Ultimately, a “NOT to do” list serves as a powerful tool for enhancing efficiency and maximizing productivity.

  1. Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers.
  2. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time.
  3. Do not “hop on a call” to talk about how we can work together.
  4. Do not check e-mail constantly — “batch” and check at set times only.
  5. Do not deal with back and forth about feelings. This is business. 

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