The ONE Thing you Could do Right Now to Increase Your Confidence

Have you ever wondered what could make you not only feel more confident in your work, but also look more confident at the same time?

Julie Kraus is an image consultant who teaches women to use their style as a tool to establish a memorable brand that attracts their ideal clients. Through her signature process helps women curate a wardrobe of their dreams to make getting dressed effortless to shine both on and offline.

In this episode, Julie talk about getting clear on your style and how that aligns with your brand, like:

  1. Thinking about what you want your brand to communicate non-verbally and the feeling you want to leave people with (which will translate to your social media feed).
  2. Curating a closet that embodies the vision you have for your brand two years from now and questions to ask yourself before purchasing
  3. Building a positive mindset around pushing your style to the edge of its comfort zone to elevate your brand.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of results you could see in your business by focusing on shifting your image,  roadblocks you could face along the way, and more about Julie’s CHIC Style School, then listen to this!