How to Get a Story in the Local News

How to Get a Story in the Local News [VIDEO]

If you are not currently getting your business or your brand in the local news, it is a good thing that you’re watching this video because I’m going to tell you how you can do that.

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If we have not met yet, my name is Christina Nicholson and I help business owners and solopreneurs earn exposure in the media without spending money on ads. And in this video, we are focusing on local news.

How to Get a Story in the Local News

Yes, I know it is lovely to get those big national hits and the Today Show or on CNN, but let’s keep it real. Why should they cover you if your local media isn’t even covering you? And let me tell you, the local news that is your low hanging fruit because you are most newsworthy where you are.

So let’s focus on local news for this video and how you can get coverage there.

I’m actually going to share an example from one of my media mentoring clients, Jessica Stansbury. We started working together on a Monday, and by Thursday morning she was on live TV in her local market and her local market is Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s the 23rd largest market in the country. So not bad for her first media experience!

And I’m going to break down how we did this and how you can do it too.

What makes this story local?

So the first thing you need to ask yourself is what makes this story local besides you. So we have you – clearly, you’re local. That’s why they’re interested.

If I live in South Florida and I go to Charlotte, North Carolina, they’re going to be like, ‘why do we care about you? You don’t even live here. We can just find somebody else who lives here, who’s local here, to talk about whatever you’re going to talk about’.

So yes, you’re local, that’s great, but why should the local people care about it? Like who is their audience? You have to have a local angle or it’s not going to work.

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What makes this story newsworthy?

The second thing you’re going to need is the newsworthiness.

Now, this is where everybody messes up. You need to educate and entertain your audience.

Everybody messes up on this because they just want to promote themselves. Well, it’s not the media’s job to promote you. They’re going to send you upstairs to the sales department to buy a commercial. You’re gonna pay a ridiculous amount of money and nobody is going to pay attention because if it’s on TV, they’re going to fast forward it. If it’s in the newspaper, they’re going to ignore it because they buy the newspaper for the stories and not the ads.

Come on people – we’ve been through this before, so you need to be newsworthy, educational, and entertaining at the same time.

So let me tell you how this worked with my media mentoring client, Jessica Stansberry.

So she wanted to reach out to people and let them know you can be your own boss. You can start your own business because she’s somewhat of a business coach. She has made a living online, living in a teeny tiny town of, like, 500 people. But she is making six figures by teaching people how to rock businesses online because she’s done it herself.

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So what we pitch to Charlotte was… it’s getting to be summertime and kids are getting out of school. So what are mom’s going to do? Well, they can start their own business and make extra money at home.

So this is newsworthy for a couple of reasons.

One, we have Jessica who is a local to the Charlotte area. She lives about three hours outside of Charlotte actually, but that is her local TV station. So we got that.

The second part was summer moms are going to be home for summer because the kids are off school. So that’s a timely angle that is newsworthy. That affects everybody in the market because it is somewhere when moms are going to be home.

What are your hard facts?

And then we also pulled some hard facts – and this is where the newsworthiness also comes into play. We pulled hard facts on how more moms are starting their own businesses.

More people are becoming freelancers and more moms are making more money. So I think the stat was four out of 10 women in the household are now the breadwinners. So we used hard stats from hard news to make it newsworthy.

And these were recent. We did a Google search on this information and we filtered the results to the last month. So we made sure these were recent statistics to really make this story newsworthy.

What local media are you interested in?

Now before I go on, let me know what you’re interested in. Are you interested in local TV, a local newspaper, local magazines? Let me know in the comments. I will respond to every comment that I see because they are all different.

TV is very different from newspapers. It’s very different from magazines. I’ll give you some pointers if you let me know in the comments what you’re interested in. Is it TV? Is it newspapers? Is it magazines?

I really don’t do radio. Um, I just, I don’t do radio. So if you say radio, I’m not going to be able to help you. I just don’t, I don’t know. Do people listen to the radio anymore? I don’t know. I don’t do radio. So let’s stick to TV, newspapers, and magazines. Okay. Let me know in the comments.

Why should this story be done right now?

Number three, why should this story be done right now?

Again, I gave you an example with Jessica. We focused on school is about to be out in a couple of weeks. It is summertime. Moms want something to do. They can work a couple of hours a day and make extra money.

If they don’t do that story right then and there, then they have to wait a whole other year to do the story. We gave it some urgency. We placed urgency on it. We told the producer, ‘hey, you’ve got to do this now and this is why you gotta do it now’.

Help the journalist by doing their job for them.

Number four, help the journalist as much as you can… like, do their job for them. Before Jessica went in, I wrote the entire intro for the anchor. I said, ‘the anchor can say this. You can ask Jessica these questions. You can end with this. Thank you. Have a good day.’

When you hand them everything on a silver platter, it makes their jobs so much easier. I worked in TV for over 10 years. I can tell you, everybody at a TV station is overworked and underpaid. So when you can do as much of the work for them, not only are they going to be super grateful, but they’re going to invite you back for more at another date. So if you can help them, give them as much as you can, you’re going to be in good shape.

Share your contact information and be ready to go NOW!

And finally, number five, share your contact information and be ready to go now. So don’t just like think, ‘oh well, they see my email because I emailed them.’ No, no, no, like share it in the email at the end with your phone number because the media moves fast.

Like sometimes they’ll just want to call you. They won’t even email you and you have to be ready.

Jessica and I first started working together on a Monday. She was on TV that Thursday.

I just recently got Amy Porterfield on CNN. Headline News. I literally pitched them on, I think it was a Thursday and she was on Friday afternoon, not even 24 hours later.

I remember many times when I was in TV and people would pitch me and I would respond and they’ll say, ‘oh, okay, give us, give us a few days to get ready.’ And I’m like, okay, clearly you’ve never worked in the media. You’re a terrible publicist because I came in at nine this morning and I need the story to be done by five o’clock tonight. I have to air a story at five tonight. Like, that’s the way it works.

So if you are going to pitch something, then you need to be ready when you pitch it because it’s going to move quickly.

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And if you want to earn coverage, just like Jessica did, I outlined everything that I did from start to finish to work with her from pitching the media, getting the publicity and turning that publicity into profit – make sure you check out my three-day video media class. It’s completely free.

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