5 reasons Mommy Bloggers are Influential

When I started blogging at Mascara Maven, it was just for fun. Then, I got into public relations and quickly learned how influential mommy bloggers could be.

What is a Mommy Blogger?

mommy-blogger Well, a mommy blogger is a mom who blogs. (Shocker, right?) Personally, I don’t like that term. If you’re a mom and you’re a doctor or a lawyer, you’re not a mommy doctor or a mommy lawyer. (I refer to myself as a family blogger, lifestyle blogger, or local blogger.) Still, the term “mommy blogger” has power… and lots of influence. If you want to know what makes some of the “top mommy bloggers” or “best mommy bloggers” earn money as influencers, read on.

5 reasons Mommy Bloggers are influential

1. They are real.

If you’re not going to be yourself, you probably won’t succeed as a mommy blogger. The best bloggers, and the ones I look up to, are the ones who aren’t afraid to say (or blog) it like it is… or how they feel it is. No matter what you do, not everyone is going to agree with you. Someone will disagree, comment on your blog post, say something nasty on Facebook, tweet you some hate in 140 characters or less, and the list goes on. You cannot care about the negative things strangers on the internet say. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]No matter what you do, not everyone is going to agree with you. #mommybloggers[/Tweet] When my post about piercing my daughter’s ears went viral on Facebook, I got a lot of hate. Maybe it’s because I don’t take too much personally, but I laughed at the hateful (or attempted to be hateful) comments. Honestly, it concerned me more that so many people were negatively affected by my daughter’s ears. Still, the negativity didn’t both me one bit because everything in my post was 100% real.

2. They are entertaining.

I tell my clients this all the time – there is so much crap on the internet today. This blog post is one of millions, yes millions, being posted online in a day. If you want people to take 10 seconds to even see what you’re sharing, you have to be entertaining. I’m not saying do a song and dance, but give your readers what they want. If you don’t know what they want, ask them, then deliver it.

3. They tell you something you don’t know.

I’m a nerd who loves learning new things, so I visit business blogs on a daily basis. Just like you need to entertain your audience, you need to keep them educated too. Offering value is the best way to do it.

4. They influence you.

Like a blogger can teach you something they know, they can also influence you. This is how mommy bloggers (and some other kinds) make their money. If they are viewed as an influencer, then they will work with brands to influence their readers to become customers of that brand. free-media Take this blog post I did for Walmart, for example. Walmart thought my Mascara Maven audience, young working moms, would be a great fit for this kind of promotion, so they paid me to promote it with a blog post and social media shares. Because I love video and think video use is so important today, I threw that in as well. Not to mention, this video really helps tell the #GroceryHero story.

PR Tip: Most bloggers charge for this kind of coverage. It is not earned media. It is paid media. If you want to reach a bloggers audience, you must have a budget to pay them before you pitch them. If not, there is no use pitching them.

5. They are there.

Yes, they are there – easily accessible and easy to find. If they’re not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can find their latest craft on Pinterest or in your inbox every week with an update or new blog post to share. how-to-become-a-mommy-logger Top mommy bloggers don’t just blog every once in a while and hope you’ll catch it when you’re online. They run their blogging business like a well-oiled machine. Everything is scheduled and done for a strategic reason. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]#MommyBloggers run their #blogging #business like a well-oiled machine.[/Tweet] Sure, some people blog for fun, some do it as a side hustle (like me), and others devote their time and energy to it like a 9 t0 5. It’s those 9 to 5er’s that are in that mommy bloggers club of influencers.

How to become a Mommy Blogger

That was your next question right? How to become a mommy blogger? Well, this post may help you with the how to become a blogger part, and if you want to throw the word “mommy” in front it, go for it.

How to create a blog or start a blog
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5 Blogging for Beginners tips

I recently had lunch with a friend who wanted to start blogging professionally. I gave her some of what I consider “blogging for beginners” advice, then thought, why not share those tips here on my blog to help others?!

Blogging for Beginners

So many people blog for different reasons – as part of their current job, to make money, and as a hobby are the three most common answers, I assume. Regardless of your why, these steps will help you get started and maintain your blog over time.

Where will your blog be?

Before you begin blogging, you need to know where you’re going to blog. My friend is planning on blogging professionally on a company’s website, but many people want their own space. In that case, you have a few options. I use WordPress. When it comes to the online world, WordPress is the most recognized and arguably the best platform to be on. The only problem? You’ll most likely need a website developer to help you get it up and running. wordpress vs squarespace If you want to try to take a stab at creating your site yourself, there are plenty of sites to choose from – Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and the list goes on. I created this entire site on Weebly in two hours. The drag and drop format is idiot proof. (If I can do it, anyone can.) about-me-template If you don’t want to commit to a website, check out a place like Medium or the post section on your LinkedIn page.

What’s your blog called?

When you decide where you want your blog to live, you may get a deal on a domain. If not, it’s no big deal. They are usually just $12 a year and you can buy them in a variety of places like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Google. choosing-your-domain When it comes to choosing your domain, Brandon Gaille from the Blog Millionaire is an expert, but here are some quick tips:
  1. Apply SEO keyword research
  2. Try to go after a .com ending
  3. Avoid using – (dashes)
  4. Make sure it fits your niche
  5. Buy your name as a domain and redirect it (Have you tried Hi again.)

What’s your blog’s niche?

Since it’s #4 above, it makes sense to make this the next step. When I started Mascara Maven, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about it. Everything I posted was so random. (It can still appear that way.) Here on Media Maven®, it’s all media focused. Don’t do what I do on my lifestyle blog. Do what I do here – be niched. I’ve heard the saying, “the riches are in the niches” and it’s very true. Again, whether or not this applies to you goes back to your why. If you are just blogging as a hobby, then you can post whatever your heart desires whenever you want to. If you are trying to make money or build clientele, I suggest focusing on what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and what your expertise is. That makes a perfect niche! [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Focus on what you’re good at, passionate about, and your expertise. That makes a perfect #blog #niche![/Tweet]

Get started!

Now, you have your website created. You have your domain. You have your niche. The only thing left to do is to get started. Write something and post it! Believe it or not, this is where the real work starts. other-bloggers When I got started, I learned a lot from other bloggers. Some were eager to help someone like me asking for beginner blogger tips. I also taught myself some technical stuff, social media strategies, SEO techniques, graphic design, etc. It all comes with time as you grow as a blogger. about-me-template You can find tons of advice online about how to monetize your blog, how to grow your following online, how to grow your email list, how to design the perfect about me page, and the list goes on. There is so much! If I only offered you one piece of advice, it’d be this – be consistent. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]If I only offered you one piece of advice, it’d be this – be consistent. #blogging[/Tweet]

Be consistent.

Ask yourself this question, “How often can I research, write, and promote a blog post?” If the answer is three times a week, then you need to do this three times a week, every week. If the answer is once a month, then you need to do this once a month, every month. be consistent In the process of blogging, you will build an audience and that audience will expect to see you online, with certain content, at certain times. Here, it’s always Monday. On Mascara Maven, it’s always Friday. So, now that you know what you need to do to get started blogging, what are you waiting for?
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Huffington Post Blog Submission Guidelines

If you read any of my other blog posts, you know there is a lot under the public relations umbrella. One of many things is blogging. Not only should every business have a website and that website have a blog (like this one), but you should also be blogging on other sites. When you write or blog for other outlets, you are introducing yourself and your brand to an entirely new audience. You are also increasing your chances of being found in a Google search as your SEO gets better and better with each post. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”] When you #blog for other outlets, you are introducing yourself and your #brand to a new audience.[/Tweet] Tens of millions of people visit the Huffington Post website every month. It also has one of the most engaged audiences on Facebook. Since Facebook has cut down on businesses reaching audiences organically, this is huge. To be featured in the Huffington Post, you’ll need to know some Huffington Post blog submission guidelines.

Email the Huffington Post

Yes, it sounds obvious… and it is. On the contact us page, there are a few options. Depending on your goal, you either want to submit a news tip to editors with the Huffington Post or pitch an idea for a blog post. Before Arianna Huffington resigned from her position as CEO, many would-be bloggers emailed her directly to submit their pitch. She earned quite a reputation for responding to emails, connecting editors with writers, and getting those new writers set up with an account to guest post. huffington-post-blog-submissions Once you are an official contributing blogger, you can submit as many blog posts as you’d like… as long as they fall within the guidelines of the Huffington Post blog. After you publish a post, it’s up to you to promote it to earn exposure. The Huffington Post has too much content to promote it all, so it’s on you!

Receive the Invite

The blogging platform has changed a bit since Arianna Huffington left her position as the editor-in-chief. Now, instead of being accepted as a blogger after a submission, you can also be invited to become a contributor. Today, more people are contributing for this reason. I guess you could say it’s easier to “get in.”

Acknowledge the Benefits

As I’ve mentioned, blogging on your own platform is very important. If you want to reach another audience, blogging elsewhere is a must. By becoming a Huffington Post blogger, you will earn recognition by others. Anyone can create a blog, but there is another feeling and sense of status or authority when your content is published elsewhere. Your standing is elevated when you’re published somewhere else, especially on a site like Huffington Post. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]It’s all about earning #publicity and getting more eyeballs on your #brand.[/Tweet] At the end of the day, it’s all about earning publicity and getting more eyeballs on your brand. I hope these Huffington Post blog submission guidelines help you start blogging on the Huffington Post. If so, let me know here in the comments section.
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