importance of social media in business

5 Ways to Dominate Social Media for Small Business

If you go back in time two decades ago when social networking sites were nonexistent, you would see what great an impact they have been to the marketplace. Today, thousands of businesses owe social media to their rise and continued growth.

Social Media for Small Business

Practically, all business enterprises that exist today have enjoyed the opportunities that social media has afforded them. While there are dozens of networks that exist today, these are the top six social media for small business platforms that brands love.

1. Facebook

With two billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world. It is an extraordinary platform for business promotion where business owners can connect with customers from all walks of life.

The platform remains the easiest social media site to manage as well as conduct laser sharp ad targeting. Unlike other networks, anyone can use it. It allows sharing several types of content including video, links, and photos.

If you want to get shares and comments on your posts as well as in-depth data about the people who interact with your business, then Facebook is the platform to use.


2. LinkedIn

This platform is perfect for people in the B2B space. The social site brings together business professionals in different industries, allowing them to connect and network. Therefore, if your business targets business executives, LinkedIn might be the platform to use.

You can target these decision makers based on their job titles, industry, company size, etc. The social network is centered on building business and work relationships, making it the perfect platform for job seekers, business leaders, and recruiters.

It uses an old-fashioned approach to networking in the digital age.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the perfect social networking site for visual-centric brands. These include food, lifestyle, personalities, luxury, and fashion brands.

When you have visual content to share like photos and short videos, Instagram provides an ideal platform.

With tools like Growr and Kicksta now helping brands increase their organic followers at an accelerated speed, brands with a lot of visual content to share have an opportunity to grow faster within a short time.

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importance of social media in business

4. Twitter

To make the most of the opportunities that Twitter presents, you must find shareable content with the potential to go viral.

Retweeting is a big part of growing on Twitter, meaning that your ability to create content that Twitter users will be more than glad to retweet determines how fast your business increases its following. For additional momentum of your posts, use relevant hashtags.

Remember, Twitter is about starting conversations, participating in ongoing ones, and ensuring you are at the fore of every relevant conversation that takes place on the platform.

5. Pinterest

Many brands have been frustrated on Pinterest because they have no great images to share. On this platform, it is quite hard to get a low-quality image to go viral. Create images that people with a huge following would find interesting enough to pin. This multiplies the visibility of your image to incredible proportions.

Pinterest is also an excellent platform to promote products. Unlike Instagram, you can add clickable links to each image you publish.

Because most of the active Pinterest users are women, brands that target women do better on this platform.

Which of these social networks makes the most sense to you and your enterprise? Is there any social network that you have neglected and would want to know how you can leverage it for your business? And are there new social networking sites that you think will take over the scene in the near future?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


This is a guest post by Monica Wilson at Social Growr