Social Media Engagement Metrics

7 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement Metrics

The number of social media users is increasing at an alarming rate. As obvious as it may seem, being active on social media plays a major role in business strategy. Every business or business owner is trying to devise a unique way to reach out to their audience and improve their social media engagement metrics.

While creating unique content is important, one needs to pay special attention to engaging their audiences too. Having good content should be a major part of planning your social media marketing.

This is where most businesses have a problem. Engagement with your audience shows you or your business is liked, and subsequently, it makes it easier to convert them into potential leads for your business. Audience engagement can go a long way in deciding and strategizing your business goals.

Social Media Engagement Metrics

Social media is a lot like real life. People make connections and share ideas. Like real people, your audience tends to trust people and businesses they have known, liked, and trusted over the years. Expecting someone to trust you without interactions is a lot like expecting the bus man to lend you money. This entails making long-term relationships that grow over a period of time.

There are times when you could have great content posted on social media, but you do not have a lot of engagement. Anyone who has worked in social media knows that this struggle is real.

Finding fresh content on a regular basis becomes a major hindrance while trying to engage audiences. One needs to post content that resonates with their audiences perfectly for them to stay around.

7 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement Metrics

1. Connect your content with recent news and updates

Your audience is full of real human beings doing real things in life. They watch the news and are aware of things happening around them.

Connect your content with the festivals or the major things happening around you.

For example, if it’s Christmas and you are a toy store. You can connect your content with the occasion, by suggesting how you can help them shop for the occasion.

2. Respond to audience queries and issues

Social media is just not about promoting fresh content anymore. Social media has become a major channel for customer service.

Most people seek customer service on social media. Sadly, most companies fail at this. Customers expect a fast response to their queries or issues on social media. Your immediate and appropriate response shows you care. This will make it more likely for your audience to trust you and see you as a dependable business.

3. AMAs, or Ask me anything, is a hit

Reddit has become a major game changer in the social media world lately. The site has a very great audience with people dedicatedly following it. It is known for its excellent audience engagement.

The coolest thing they have, by far, is their AMA sessions. People can ask the person hosting a session anything they like. It helps both parties to have a more personal and true connection.

This is available on Twitter and Facebook too.


4. Promote your audience-generated content and hashtags

Your audience and your users always have something to say. You don’t necessarily have to repeat what they say, but promote what they post.

This is a great conversation starter. Not just that, it makes your business seem more believable and relatable.

#Hashtags are also popular. This is usually a word (or words) related to your business preceded by a #.

Businesses today are creating their own and making use of others in their genre. You can do the same and build an audience. You can also search for people who have used a certain hashtag and respond to connect with them.

5. Use other influential content

You can’t survive long by only posting about yourself. Some believe that sharing other peoples content means routing their audience to them. Yes, that’s right!

Businesses need to have belief in their content. If your strategy is right your audience would always come back to you.

You are on social media to provide your audience with information for their use. It’s not possible to cover everything under the roof… and it’s not advisable either. Sharing other content that is meaningful and useful for your audience promotes authority and trust. It shows you are confident and willing to share.

6. Share quizzes, infographics, memes, contests, and surveys

Though mainstream, these types of content are evergreen. Not only are these great ways to engage your audience, but also a great way to learn more about their preferences.

Use Infographics to summarize a large dataset into an interesting pictorial representation.

7. Implement videos

Videos can be a great way to tell a story you want to convey to your audience. Make use of your behind the scene videos or product videos etc, to engage your audience.

The rise of the internet gave birth to changes in education, marketing, and nearly every aspect of our life.


This is a guest post by Swaraj Das Mohanty. He is a Content Marketer at PagePotato, a graduate in Journalism from Bangalore University, and a former radio jockey. He helps brands put their best content online, is a bookworm who knows to cook… and likes to drive in search of lip-smacking street food. Follow him on Instagram at @BoredBelly.

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