SEO, or search engine optimization, is necessary for any business to attract traffic to its website. SEO keeps your business from getting lost in the billions of websites that pop up on search engines like Google and it helps put your business front and center.

SEO is constantly changing and updating, so it’s necessary to hire an SEO consultant… or act as your own SEO consultant!

Why you need an SEO Consultant… even if it’s you!

Search engine algorithms make it difficult to drive traffic to your website if you don’t understand them. Some businesses rely solely on having great content, but it isn’t always enough.

According to BrightEdge internal data, 83 percent of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO, and 17 percent from paid search.

Search engines are the main form of finding information, so it’s important to know how to make sure visitors can find your site.

1. Keywords

SEO research also helps you to understand what users are searching for, so you can use that information to your benefit when creating content. When I started using SEMRush to research keyword, traffic to both of my blogs increased.

Before doing actual research, my research consisted of me asking myself, “If I were searching for something like this, what would I Google?” While this is a good start and I have been lucky with a couple posts ranking on the first page of Google, it’s not very strategic.

With SEMRush, I’m about to see exactly what’s being searched, how many people are searching it, and how many results there are. I can also see what I’m currently ranking for on my website… and what my competitors are ranking for!

what is keyword prominence in seo

Keywords are necessary to gain traffic. Using keyword research tools, like SEMRush, help you to figure out which keywords and phrases to use. To attract your ideal audience

  • Use specific keyword or phrases in your blog title, URL, headline, and sub headlines.
  • Use specific keyword or phrases in the meta description of your website pages.
  • Use specific keyword or phrases that flow naturally on your website.
  • Use specific keyword or phrases to name the images on your site.
  • Use specific keyword or phrases to name the alt-text of the images on your site.

Based on my research, I use one keyword or phrase to focus on and include other, related keywords or phrases throughout the blog post and/or website.

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2. Quality Content

At the end of the day, SEO will not work for your business unless you are producing quality content. If your content satisfies the needs of users who find your website, this will improve your rankings on search engines. Yes, Google is smart and can figure that out.

Quality content, combined with great SEO, increases your chances of getting a higher ranking.

3. Earn Media Exposure Online

Obviously, this is my favorite one… because it’s all about earning exposure online! When other sites link back to yours, that tells Google your website is special and it should rank higher. The bigger and better the website that links to you, the better.


If you want to learn how to earn media exposure and link backs online, click here and take my free email course designed to help you earn those backlinks online. Even if they media exposure isn’t online at first, say it’s on TV or in the local newspaper, it almost always ends up online… and that’s great for your SEO!

4. Take Advantage of New Trends

Google is always growing its use of certain trends. Educating yourself on them and executing what you learn is vital to gain some SEO clarity… especially in 2017.

The tech giant has increased its usage of snippets, a summary of an answer from a website displayed on top of the results page, for user searches. Using bullet points on your website increases the chances of your website being chosen to be used as a snippet on Google.

seo specialist job description

Another growing trend on Google is users opting for longer, more specific search queries when looking for something. This is beneficial for your business because it makes it easier for you to attract the users that you want. By optimizing your content and your keywords to fit those search queries, you’re more likely to gain traffic and boost your ranking.

There’s also a growing popularity of using voice command systems such as Siri or Ok Google. Create unique, specific content that is more complex than a simple snippet at the top of the results page to attract traffic to your page.

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Portions of this post were submitted by Farah Zamora, a journalism student at Florida Gulf Coast University.