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How to Repurpose Content [VIDEO]

Content is king. This is probably the most commonly used phrase in marketing and by now it’s really annoying and really cliche, but it really is.

So how can you consistently be creating content and being all of the places all of the time? You really don’t need to spend as much time as you think and in this video, I’m going to show you how you can repurpose content quickly and easily. It is what I do.

It’s how I have built my business from the beginning – just being everywhere all the time. And let me tell you, I started this working a full-time job with an infant and a toddler at home so if I can do it, you can definitely do it.

How to Repurpose Content

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Hi, I’m Christina Nicholson and I have helped people all over the world earned media exposure without spending money on ads. And in this video, I’m going to share with you how I repurpose content on my blog, on my podcast, on my YouTube channel, just about all of the social media platforms included in no time at all.

So I’m going to walk you through what I do for a variety of platforms so you can take what’s relevant to you and implement it in your own business. But first I want to start off by saying that right now I work my business full time. I do not have another job. I work my business full time and I have a team of people who help me.

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This is on the agency side, so I have a PR agency, I have a team of people who implement things for clients.

I am full time in my business and I want to make that clear because what I do now is the same thing that I did when I was working a full-time job when I had an infant and a toddler at home and when I was building this business on the side.

No, I didn’t have a YouTube channel back then. No, I didn’t have a podcast back then. I was doing different things that were taking up just as much time, but I started working smarter instead of harder, and I’m going to tell you in this video exactly how I did it, so you can do it too, regardless of your situation – kids, full-time job, whatever.

1. Start with Video

Let’s start with this platform or a YouTube channel. So you make a video. It’s on YouTube. Great. That’s one piece of content.

2. Video to Blog Post

After I create a YouTube video, I go to and I get that video transcribed. It costs 10 cents a minute. So most of my YouTube videos are about seven minutes long. They cost 70 cents to transcribe.

Once I have that transcription, I make little edits and I turned it into a blog post. So, remember the transcription is never perfect. You need to turn it into a blog post with proper sub-headers.

You need to correct some of the speech because a lot of times we don’t speak the way write, exactly… like what I just said. If that were written out in a sentence, it was not the sentence… that is poor grammar. And sometimes we just speak like that, or at least I do.

So after you get something transcribed, you want to just give it a once-over, add some sub-headers, make sure it’s easy to read. So maybe like each sentence goes on its own paragraph and then you can post that on your blog.

So there you have a YouTube video and you also have a blog post.

3. Long Video to Short Video

The second thing I do is I take this video and I edit just a snippet of it. So I usually take the beginning part of the video where I’m teasing what the video is going to be about and I kind of start talking and then I fade to black and I fade the audio down.

And I tell people if you want to learn more, click on this link. And I send people to the blog post that has this video embedded in it.

So people could either read the blog post or they could watch the video. So that little video snippet, it’s always less than a minute long, you can use that on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can resize it and use it as an Instagram story, so if you’re editing something yourself, it’s very easy just to resize it and then you can put it on an Instagram story, but usually for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, all of the videos are the same size, so now you have three pieces of content.

You have the video, you have the blog post, and you have a mini video that acts as a tease on all of your other social media platforms to send people either to this video on youtube or to your blog posts that has this video embedded in it.

4. Pin it on Pinterest

The third thing I do is I create a pin and I pin it on Pinterest. Again, the link you send people to, you can either send them straight to YouTube to watch the video or you could send them to a blog post on your website to read the blog post or watch the video straight from there.

5. Email List

The fourth thing I do is I send an email to my list and I tell them to watch it. I usually do this on the day I make the YouTube video live. And this is also the same day when I put it on my blog post.

Usually, I send people to Youtube first, but after that, I want to send them to my blog post because I have a Facebook pixel and a Pinterest pixel on my website and I want to make sure I’m capturing that information. So if I do ever run ads on Pinterest or Facebook in the future, I can capture those people who already showed interest in my content. So you want to just let people know, “Hey, I have a new video. I have a new blog post.” So you just send them an email and tell them.

6. YouTube Video to Podcast Audio

And finally number five, this is actually something that I just did for the first time. I took the audio from a YouTube video and I put it on my podcast. So up until now, the content on YouTube has been totally different from the content on my podcast.

On my podcast, I usually have guests. Every fourth episode, once a month, I do my solo episode and I had an episode that I wanted to do on a certain topic and I already did a YouTube video on this topic.

So I just said, let me save time. I’ll pull this from my YouTube channel and put it on my podcast.

Now, I did intro the podcast letting people know, “Hey, this is me pulling audio from my YouTube channel. I’ve actually never done this before. We’re going to see how it works. We’re going to see how you like it. But I was basically gonna say the same thing. Anyway, so here it is on my podcast.”

TIP: Batch it all

So that is how you get multiple pieces of content from one original piece of content. You’re not reinventing the wheel again.

We took a YouTube video, we transcribed it, we turned that into a blog post.

We took the YouTube video, we cut a little snippet out of it that makes people want to watch more and then we teased it on all the social media platforms.

We created a pin and we linked to it on Pinterest.

We told everybody on our email list about it and we shared the audio on a podcast… and that was all just from one piece of content, and again, that is starting with video.

If you count all of those places that that one piece of content was shared, it was shared in eight different places on eight different platforms.

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Something else that makes this super fast is I batch all of this. I don’t write one video, shoot one video, and then schedule one video. I don’t do it one by one. That will take you a lot of time.

Instead, I write four scripts at once. I record four videos at once. When I sit down to schedule, I’m doing it all at once so I’m literally set a month ahead of time and I don’t need to worry about it. I schedule my days like that. Batching saves you so much time.

Once you get started it is so easy to maintain and you will always be ahead of the game and you will have so much more time because, just the way your brain works when you switch from task to task to task, it takes longer. Your brain is switching internally. You’re switching what you’re doing externally and it slows you down. So if you can set aside time to batch things, it is going to make this process of repurposing content so much easier.

First piece of content to repurpose

Now before I go on, I want to know what is your first piece of content that you want to repurpose. Maybe you don’t do videos, maybe you do blogs, maybe you have a podcast. Let me know in the comments. What are you going to repurpose?

Because you have to start with one thing. Is it a video? Is it a blog post? Is it a podcast? Let me know in the comments.

Personally, I like starting with video just because I think it’s quicker and easier to get your point across when you’re talking. I’m also a former TV reporter and anchor, so video is kind of my thing. But once you have that video, you can transcribe it and use that text for a variety of things.

If you start with text, you kind of have to do it all over again in a video. If you want to do video, which you should be doing video because everybody’s watching video online.

So let me know what right now is your first piece of content that you are working on repurposing.

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