5 Simple Steps to get Featured in the Media
(without spending a dime)

You don’t need a PR agency to get big-time media exposure.

You just need to know what to do.
Yes, you can FINALLY get the exposure you deserve without spending a dime on advertising.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody knows about it. Aren’t you tired of being your industry’s kept secret?

You don’t need a PR agency to get big-time media exposure.

You just need to know what to do.

Yes, you can FINALLY get the exposure you deserve without spending a dime on advertising.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody knows about it. Aren’t you tired of being your industry’s kept secret?

Tired of paying for Facebook ads to get attention?

Mark Zuckerberg is making more and more money… and you’re not getting any more well-known or successful, are you?
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Maybe you’ve been sending endless guest pitches to podcast hosts and you’re hearing crickets.

Or you’re feeling frustrated when your competition gets the media exposure you dream of… or deserve more than she does.

You could just not know where to begin when it comes to networking and connecting with members of the media or how to write and send a pitch that makes them want to interview you. You may think because you don’t have thousands of dollars to pay a PR agency, it’s hopeless.
The bottom line:
It’s getting harder and harder to stand out… and it’s costing solopreneurs and small business owners a lot of time and money.
Too much. If you’re like me, you hate wasting time and money.
As a TV reporter and anchor, I witnessed this struggle for attention firsthand. You wouldn’t believe how terrible the pitches were that filled up my inbox on a daily basis. I’m talking delete right after you open them, if they were lucky to get opened, bad.
With the right moves, you can get major exposure and become THE go-to brand that everyone talks about.
The opportunity to quickly grow your business is there.
It’s never been more possible in the history of time to obtain the kind of publicity you can today. It’s incredible. Imagine being seen on TV on Today or the Rachael Rachel Show, on the front page of your local newspaper, in magazines like Essence or Cosmopolitan, online in Forbes or E!, and as a guest on your favorite podcasts like Smart Passive Income or Boss Mom.
There’s so much noise out there and getting this kind of exposure isn’t easy.
In fact, it’s nearly impossible without some help, which is unfortunate because there are brands that have solid products and a good reputation that, frankly, nobody knows about. And if you’re not known, you’re not going to be in business for very long. If your business isn’t where you want it to be and if you’re ready to grow, this is for you.

I’m going to teach you how the media works and give you all the tools you need to win big by being everywhere.

and more!
By being featured in these outlets, you are being endorsed by them… and I’ll show you how to do it the right way, so you see the snowball effect in the attention you receive and the money you make.
You don’t need a big brand or big bucks to earn publicity.
You don’t even need to hire a publicist.
You just need to know what to do. That’s why I created this mentoring program.
If we haven’t met yet…
Hi! I’m Christina!

an award-winning TV reporter and anchor, top podcast host, national TV personality, public relations agency owner, and a mother of three who has earned publicity in more than one hundred media outlets including CNN, Today, Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Smart Passive, EOFire, and Boss Babe.

I’ve worked in five different newsrooms across the country, have written for some of the most prestigious publications in the country, and have built amazing relationships with fellow members of the media along my journey.

When I worked in TV news, I was pitched a lot by people at PR agencies or by business owners wanting me to do a story that featured them or their business. Most of the pitches were terrible. When I left the TV news industry, my next career path was obvious… do that job from the perspective of a journalist. Trust me, it works a lot better.

That’s why I’m here – to help business owners like you learn how to navigate the world of the constantly changing media, something that doesn’t come naturally to most people.

I’m also pretty good at breaking down what works into step-by-step strategies that are simple to execute for any small business owner pitching the media for the very first time.
(No, it’s not too soon… and yes, you are ready for this.)
You’ll have all the knowledge, tools, and strategies to find your newsworthy story the media will LOVE and be able to pitch it to countless outlets – TV, podcasts, online, and print – what your target audience is watching, listening to, and reading. I will walk you through what to do and how to do it so for you to earn publicity, and be known as an authority in your industry, so you will get more traffic and visibility. Thousands, even millions, of people will know, like, and trust you before you even meet them. (Trust me. This makes the sales process a million times easier.)
media mentoring program
The Media Mentoring Program is designed to turn business owners like you into a regular in the media… all without spending a dime on ads so that getting leads and closing sales is a helluva lot easier.

I hold nothing back as I tell you exactly what editors, journalists, and podcast hosts want from you and how to easily give it to them so that they put you in the spotlight of their coverage.It’s not just an online course. It’s a mentoring program designed to turn you into a regular in the media… all without spending a dime on ads.

Aren’t you ready to stop being a best-kept secret?

I’ve helped more than 100+ clients learn how to act as their own publicist and land big-time media exposure. Don’t you want to be my next success story?

the results
Leah earned so much exposure after implementing what’s in the Media Mentoring Program, her business grew to the point where she was able to quit her job, work with more celebrities, and opened her own office!
what’s included:
Module 1:

How to Utilize This Course

so it doesn’t end up being a waste of your time and money

Module 2:

How to Build Your Personal Brand

so you’re known as the go-to expert to work within your industry

Module 3:

How to Pitch the Media

to earn news coverage without spending money on ads

Module 4:

How to Dominate a Media Interview

and land public speaking gigs

Module 5:

How to Turn Publicity into Profit

…. so you’re doing all of this for a reason

Module 6:

How to Use Your Website as a Conversion Machine

instead of something that just looks pretty

Module 7:

How to Use Your Blog

to get more attention and qualified leads

Module 8:

How Social Media Can Actually Make You Money

and get you media coverage

Module 9:

How to Pitch Influencers

to get them to talk about you

Module 10:

How to Avoid Spending Money on Ads

(even when others try to trick you into it) but still get the coverage and benefit from it


Media Opportunties

In the private Facebook group, multiple media opportunities are posted weekly. Christina gets first dibs on what her colleagues are working on and passes it along to you. It doesn’t get easier than that!

the results
Marta has been on TV in a top 20 market more than a dozen times and has done not one, but two TEDx talks since completing the Media Mentoring Program.

plus, bonuses

6 Checklists and Cheat Sheets

($495 value)

12 Done For You Resources

($2,979 value)

5 Expert Videos & Interviews

($495 value)

3 Free Tools and Trials

($40 value)

Christina’s guidance has helped me get in the press more frequently and more quickly since we started. I was also able to make better use of my Forbes column to connect with others in the media.
I was feeling lost about my media strategy. I’d had some success getting quoted in different publications before working with Christina, but felt like my media hits weren’t making the impact I had hoped for. Christina helped me to improve here — giving me advice on to fine tuning my pitch approach, self-promotion, and my connections with other journalists. he makes working on marketing (a task I’ve dreaded) accessible, and even fun.
Aviva Legat
VivED Consulting LLC
Crystal Karges
Owner of Crystal Karges Nutrition
Working with Christina gave me the needed momentum to craft effective pitches and quickly land media exposure on highly desirable outlets, including local TV stations and major online publications.
Christina is a wealth of media knowledge and goes above and beyond to share her expertise as a mentor and teacher. Having the opportunity to work with Christina has been an invaluable investment for my business and for creating powerful PR exposure for my brand.
media mentoring program

What’s included

Total value: $13,979

Regular Price: $997

Today's Price: $797

Program Promise:
I take your investment seriously. In turn, I ask that you do the same. If you complete three modules of the Media Mentoring Program, send at least 15 media pitches based on the Media Maven method, and are active in the program’s Facebook group when you need support… and after three weeks you’re not happy, I will offer you a full refund. Why? Because I know works… if you do the work.
Think of where your business would be in just three months if you joined me today.

Who knows? Maybe I posted a perfect media opportunity right up your alley in the Facebook group this week. You won’t know unless you invest in yourself and your business now.

The time to STOP being a best-kept secret is right now.

Plus, the time is ticking on your $200 discount. What are you waiting for?

(No really, what is it? Send me a voice message on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay or email me at and let me know.)

frequently asked questions

If you tackle one module a week, it’ll take you 10 weeks… and I teach you how to implement what you learn in week one, so you are implementing as you learn. If you paid for the program in full and want to binge like Netflix, then reach out and ask for full access.
Um, forever. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course AND the Facebook group for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
This is the only course that gives you direct access to me. Plus, the entire curriculum and bonuses are based on my experience working in a newsroom and as the owner of a successful public relations agency. I’m not some random who took a PR course or got a PR degree and launched an online course with information and no experience. Plus, I’m an oversharer with no filer… and you’ll soon see!
YES! Two of our most successful clients operate businesses in Italy and Australia. These strategies work for all forms of media across the globe.
Yes. Personally, I hate it when I buy a course and the course creator is MIA but their admins are the ones running the show. That is not happening here. It’s 100% me all the time.
You’re not making money yet because people don’t know about you! This program gets you infront of your ideal customer or client so you will start to make money. This is step one.
Try using what you learn in the course and asking questions in the Facebook group first. Then, if you want to dial it up a notch, just reach out and ask about the VIP program. It’s an opportunity to work directly with me and my time one-on-one for six months.
Trust me. There are some real idiots earning media exposure today. If they can do it, you can do it. With all the levels of support I offer, you are in the right place. If you’re willing to do the work, I’m willing to help you succeed day in and day out.
Of course! If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just send me a voice message on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDAy or an email to I’m happy to help!
You have two choices now.


You could just keep doing what you’ve been doing – maybe it’s spinning your wheels on what the next big thing is, throwing money away on ads, crossing your fingers that it’ll all work out soon, or not focusing on one solid marketing strategy. Either way, you’ll remain stagnant. (No fun.)


Or, you could not let anything stand in your of success. You could break old habits, try this out and see what you could build for yourself, your family, and your business with me… holding your hand every step of the way as you earn those “as seen on” bragging rights.
Jenn Scalia
Business Coach
Christina helped me land a spot in one of my dream publications – Fast Company! As a former TV reporter and anchor, Christina understands the importance of earning media to grow your brand in the biggest way.

Christina isn’t just a PR and media pro… she’s THE PR & media pro.

Her help was instrumental in helping me get the word out about my first book. (& the implementation of that marketing plan resulted in two more book deals.) She’s a straight shooter who really knows this industry and provides amazing support and courses to those who want to grow their publicity the right way!
Laura Briggs
Legal SEO Writer & Content Strategist
All you need to do is…
Join the Media Mentoring Program now
Get instant access to the course content and the private Facebook group
Start getting more attention for what you do than you ever dreamed possible
media mentoring program

What’s included

Total value: $13,979

Regular Price: $997

Today's Price: $797