7 Productivity Hacks That Actually Work

7 Productivity Hacks That Actually Work

7 Productivity Hacks That Actually Work 

I love productivity and efficiency. In past episodes, I’ve shared what works for me but today I’m bringing you a true expert to share productivity hacks that actually work.

In this podcast episode, Adi Klevit is going to share key tips to increase productivity when everything you’ve tried before has failed, what it means to systematize your business and how to do it, and examples of results you can expect to see when you implement these productivity and efficiency hacks.

A quick run-through of the seven productivity hacks that Adi dissects include:

  1. Creating a process for what you do repetitively

  2. Using a shortcut tool in email

  3. Time blocking

  4. Using a task management tool

  5. Controlling your inbox impulses

  6. Hiring an assistant

  7. Using an email management tool

Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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