Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Some of our favorite clients to work with are those in hospitality. There is something about a vacation destination that turns into a storytelling machine for us.

Media Maven founder, Christina Nicholson, worked in South Florida as a reporter and anchor for years, so the Media Maven team has a soft spot for the South Florida market, but is excited to work with hotels and resorts nationwide.

Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Whether you’re in Miami Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, or anywhere in between or across North America from New York City to Los Angeles, the hospitality industry and the travel industry are booming with marketing campaign potential – from media relations to video production and collaborating with social media influencers.

Real estate companies, a local visitors bureau, new hotels, luxury hotels with unique guest rooms and experiences, and even luxury condominium residences with a sales team are a perfect fit for our public relations team.

Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Having already executed a successful grand opening for a hospitality business on Las Olas Boulevard in Broward County, keeping one busy in Palm Beach Gardens during the pandemic, and filling one up with media in Boca Raton, our client rooster started with a focus on hospitality PR in 2015, so the Media Maven team has years of experience creating marketing campaigns in this niche.

Starting Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Today, PR professionals need to work in different ways to get meaningful media coverage for hotel brands, like:

  • reaching industry insiders in unique ways instead of just sending an email
  • implementing social media campaigns with micro-influencers
  • building relationships with top media contacts and travel influencers
  • developing brand story newsworthiness to earn traditional media coverage
  • creating significant buzz with new content on your own social media channels as well as other online media to build a brand on your own land and control the narrative

Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Public Relations Ideas for South Florida Hotels

There is so much gray area in marketing today than there ever has been before. All travel brands should be looking at a variety of both traditional marketing and digital marketing, like:

  • utilizing at two social media platforms where your ideal customer is
  • influencer marketing, like partnering with social media influencers to spread the word about a new hotel spa or private cabana experience, for example
  • collaborating with other travel brands by inserting your brand voice in the content marketing you create together
  • having a crisis communications plan to feel secure with so many balls in the air (because you don’t want to sit on crisis management until it’s too late)
  • promoting special offers with incomparable aspects that make them noteworthy to members of the media, traditional media and digital media

Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Maybe your dream media is a feature in Conde Nast Traveler, being included in a round-up of the best golf courses on a luxury hotel property, or just showcasing the work of art that is your property. Whatever it is, our public relations efforts can get you closer to reaching that dream.

To hear what the Media Maven team has done for hospitality brands and what we can do for you, click here and see how we can work together. 

Public Relations for South Florida Hotels

Media Maven Working with South Florida Hospitality

El Camino came to us with an advertising plan to spend more than $40,000 to promote a new restaurant over three months. With Media Maven, they paid a fraction of that and earned more coverage over a much longer period of time. Some of that coverage includes:

hospitality pr in south florida

I Heart Mac & Cheese is a fast-casual restaurant client we began working with as they opened their first corporate location and began selling franchises. Our coverage included both B2B and B2C in some of these places:

south florida restaurant public relations

If you’d like to learn more about how Media Maven can help you reach your publicity goals for your travel or hospitality brand, please click here.