Media Class Thank You

Thank you so much for joining me in this media class!

During these next three days, you’re going to learn how to pitch to land coverage in the media so you start earning publicity on a regular basis and increase the profit in your business because you’re getting more eyes on your brand.

I’m so excited about you being here because so many people have already earned coverage from implementing what I teach in these three days.

If you really want to take this to the next level and you know you want to dive deep into this with someone in your corner, you can upgrade and start my Media Mentoring Program today.

The Pitch, Publicity, Profit Media Class is extremely valuable, and like I said, it’s ended in coverage for people who implement what they learn, but it’s only three videos over three days… and I want to work with you even more.

Just imagine… what you AND your business would look like in just three months if you joined me today? In just one month?!

That’s why I created the Media Mentoring Program, so I could put everything I know in one place.

This is the opportunity to upgrade if you’re REALLY ready to dive in head first.

christina nicholson media maven

If you’re like me, you know working with someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish is a shortcut to immediate success.

The good news, this is your opportunity to work with me and my team directly to get you further, faster.

So, let’s get started because if you’re ready for more business now, you’re ready for this!

Thanks again!