Pitch to Publicity Cheat Sheet

I have something to giveaway!

Oh, I love giveaways.

I also love books, so this one is perfect!

When I attended Alex Hormozi’s book launch event a few weeks ago, I bought THREE copies of his brand new book $100M Leads.

I’m going to keep one for me. (Duh!)

I’m going to give another one away locally in South Florida.

And I’m going to give one to a subscriber who gets this newsletter every Thursday… because I love ya 😘

But here’s the thing.

This book is HUGE.

Like, I was shocked when I opened the box.

For that reason, I will only pay for shipping in the US.

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I will announce the winner in the next newsletter.

Oh, this is so fun for me.

You have no idea.

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FREE Cheat Sheet

If you missed my podcast this week and are wondering what this cheat sheet is in reference to, then click here to listen to 10 Ways to Turn Publicity Into Profit in ONE Day.

Now, if you’re like:

“But Christina, how the heck do I land coverage in the press? I don’t know how to get on the news?!”

Then, hello 👋 You must be new here.

To get you started, I need you to do TWO things.

  1. Block off exactly ONE HOUR in your calendar.
  2. Watch my masterclass 5 Simple Steps to Get Featured in the Media (without spending a dime) by clicking here.

After you watch that, you will know exactly what to do and this cheat sheet will help you turn publicity into profit.

🔗 Click here to see the cheat sheet.

Then, make a copy of it and save it to your Google Drive where all your other marketing things are.


What podcast should I pitch?

I’m a big believer in practicing what I preach, but I’ve been slacking.

I used to be pretty good at pitching myself to be a guest on podcasts.

But I’ve become complacent.

I set a goal of pitching 10 podcasts this month.

I have three on my list to pitch.

If you’re like me, you listen to entrepreneur shows.

So tell me, what podcast should I pitch?

Hit reply and let me know!


I need to add seven more to my list.

Podcasts… to TV?

Pitching podcasts is totally different from pitching TV.

I’ll tell you more about why and how to pitch both successfully on next week’s podcast episode on Become a Media Maven.

Speaking of… have you left a review yet for me to read on air?

If not, jump in here on Apple or here on Spotify so I can shout you out!

When you’re ready, here are two more ways I can help you.

  1. In three hours, I’ll teach you how to pitch the media to earn publicity and turn it into profit. ​​Click here to join my bootcamp now.​​​
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