Persuasive Speech Topics

67 Persuasive Speech Topics [INFOGRAPHIC]

For most people, when they speak, they are selling. (Or, they’re trying to sell.)

The key to successful speeches and sales is being persuasive. Not in a shady kind-of way, but in a convincing way.

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You must persuade the customer that your product or service will be valuable to them and worth purchasing. Even if you’re able to attract qualified leads, they still need nurturing and won’t buy without being persuaded. But, you can’t be persuasive by simply reading a product description or listing off features. (Why do so many people think that works?!)


You need to connect with customers and there are scientifically-backed ways to do this.

Persuasive Speech Topics

GetCRM put together an infographic which offers persuasive techniques you can use to improve sales conversions.

Highlights from the data include:

  • Visuals are processed much faster than text
  • Story-telling is powerful and stories stick in people’s minds
  • Attention spans are short and you must engage customers quickly
  • Avoid technical jargon and instead speak to how your product or service solves a problem
  • Customers prefer simplicity – having fewer options converts better than overwhelming customers with a multitude of options

Along with the techniques and strategies you leverage, the language you use will also contribute to how persuasive you are.

You want to avoid using self-centric pronouns (Me, mine, I) when talking to potential customers because it takes the focus off them and their needs. Instead, you want to use second person pronouns (You, yours, their name) and align the value of your product or service with their specific needs.

Other persuasive language includes:

  • Cause and effect words
  • Words that demonstrate value
  • Trust-evoking words
  • Time-oriented words
  • Words that exhibit exclusivity

Using these types of words in your communication to prospective customers will help you be more persuasive and effective.

Of course, the greatest speech or sales asset is an outstanding product or service. Still, persuading others to buy isn’t easy, and even the smallest tweaks to your approach or language can make a huge difference.

Follow the tips outlined in the infographic below and convert more customers for your business!

Persuasive Speech Topics

This is a guest post written by Andrew Dennis at Siege Media.