People Say This Is the Best Business Book. I disagree.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight is said to be the best business book. Ever. The learning lessons are inferred and not spelled out, but the author summarizes everything he learned at the end.

While I don’t relate to having a product business, I’m struggling to find business and personal development books that aren’t too generic or sound the same.

My quick takeaways and memorable parts of the book:

    • Phil Knight doesn’t seem too likable.
    • The idea behind Nike started with a college paper.
    • Nike grew through influencer marketing before influencer was a word.
    • Nike was more innovative than the other guys… by doing things like using a waffle maker to create the sole of a shoe.
    • Nike means the Winged Goddess of Victory.
    • The Nike swoosh was created by a female college student, Carolyn Davidson, for just $35. Here’s more on her and her story:

  • For some reason, Nike never had money… even the year they had $140 million in sales. That’s why they went public.
  • Today, Phil Knight is worth $35.2 billion.

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