Exploiting your Career with Non-Traditional Media [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Today, it’s vital to earn media attention to grow your brand – traditional media, non-traditional media, social media, etc.

Working in Traditional Media

Kristen Pope and I have similar stories of working for News 12. She was in Westchester. I was in the Bronx. We also worked in small Texas markets before moving to the bigger markets of Boston and Miami.

Watch the entire video interview with Kristen Pope here.

In TV, you start small and work your way up. Moving up the ladder could not be more competitive or cutthroat, but the experiences and relationships you build are life changing.

Creating Non-Traditional Media

Reporting is NOT an easy job and everything a reporter writes is gone over with a fine-toothed comb by producers, editors, and more people higher up the ladder. Wanting more freedom, Kristen started her own production company, Pope Productions. With Pope Productions came The Positive Controversy.


This gave Kristen the opportunity to tell the stories she wanted to tell, the way she wanted to tell them. She was the news director, producer, reporter, and editor.

Click here to watch The Positive Controversy on YouTube

Everyone and everything has a story. You don’t need the traditional media to share it. You can create it like Kristen did, but like she says in the video interview, you’re not going to profit off of your story right away. It’s not that easy. (If it was, everyone would do it!)

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Everyone and everything has a #story… and you don’t need the traditional #media to share it.[/Tweet]

Making Money with your Media

Monetizing takes time, but it can happen. Once you have the product perfected, it’s time to shop it around! Kristen has already had success and is ready for more in 2017:

  • Pitching her show

  • Securing advertising

  • Securing sponsorships


If you want to grow your brand in the media, outside of traditional media, Kristen advises two things (and they are good.)

1. Start Creating Content.

If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll learn how to do it. Trial and error is a good thing!

People are digesting content everywhere online, so make it for them because they are looking for it!

2. Don’t Stop.

Finally, don’t quit. Stay the course, because you don’t know how close you are to making it, until you make it.

For more about Kristen, Pope Productions, and her show The Positive Controversy, visit or click here.

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