5 reasons Mommy Bloggers are Influential

When I started blogging at Mascara Maven, it was just for fun. Then, I got into public relations and quickly learned how influential mommy bloggers could be.

What is a Mommy Blogger?


Well, a mommy blogger is a mom who blogs. (Shocker, right?)

Personally, I don’t like that term. If you’re a mom and you’re a doctor or a lawyer, you’re not a mommy doctor or a mommy lawyer. (I refer to myself as a family blogger, lifestyle blogger, or local blogger.)

Still, the term “mommy blogger” has power… and lots of influence. If you want to know what makes some of the “top mommy bloggers” or “best mommy bloggers” earn money as influencers, read on.

5 reasons Mommy Bloggers are influential

1. They are real.

If you’re not going to be yourself, you probably won’t succeed as a mommy blogger. The best bloggers, and the ones I look up to, are the ones who aren’t afraid to say (or blog) it like it is… or how they feel it is.

No matter what you do, not everyone is going to agree with you. Someone will disagree, comment on your blog post, say something nasty on Facebook, tweet you some hate in 140 characters or less, and the list goes on. You cannot care about the negative things strangers on the internet say.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]No matter what you do, not everyone is going to agree with you. #mommybloggers[/Tweet]

When my post about piercing my daughter’s ears went viral on Facebook, I got a lot of hate. Maybe it’s because I don’t take too much personally, but I laughed at the hateful (or attempted to be hateful) comments. Honestly, it concerned me more that so many people were negatively affected by my daughter’s ears. Still, the negativity didn’t both me one bit because everything in my post was 100% real.

2. They are entertaining.

I tell my clients this all the time – there is so much crap on the internet today. This blog post is one of millions, yes millions, being posted online in a day. If you want people to take 10 seconds to even see what you’re sharing, you have to be entertaining.

I’m not saying do a song and dance, but give your readers what they want. If you don’t know what they want, ask them, then deliver it.

3. They tell you something you don’t know.

I’m a nerd who loves learning new things, so I visit business blogs on a daily basis. Just like you need to entertain your audience, you need to keep them educated too. Offering value is the best way to do it.

4. They influence you.

Like a blogger can teach you something they know, they can also influence you. This is how mommy bloggers (and some other kinds) make their money. If they are viewed as an influencer, then they will work with brands to influence their readers to become customers of that brand.


Take this blog post I did for Walmart, for example. Walmart thought my Mascara Maven audience, young working moms, would be a great fit for this kind of promotion, so they paid me to promote it with a blog post and social media shares. Because I love video and think video use is so important today, I threw that in as well. Not to mention, this video really helps tell the #GroceryHero story.

PR Tip: Most bloggers charge for this kind of coverage. It is not earned media. It is paid media. If you want to reach a bloggers audience, you must have a budget to pay them before you pitch them. If not, there is no use pitching them.

5. They are there.

Yes, they are there – easily accessible and easy to find. If they’re not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can find their latest craft on Pinterest or in your inbox every week with an update or new blog post to share.


Top mommy bloggers don’t just blog every once in a while and hope you’ll catch it when you’re online. They run their blogging business like a well-oiled machine. Everything is scheduled and done for a strategic reason.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]#MommyBloggers run their #blogging #business like a well-oiled machine.[/Tweet]

Sure, some people blog for fun, some do it as a side hustle (like me), and others devote their time and energy to it like a 9 t0 5. It’s those 9 to 5er’s that are in that mommy bloggers club of influencers.

How to become a Mommy Blogger

That was your next question right? How to become a mommy blogger? Well, this post may help you with the how to become a blogger part, and if you want to throw the word “mommy” in front it, go for it.

How to create a blog or start a blog

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