Media Relations

Media relations is just one part of PR… and it’s the part we do best.

When you earn publicity, it gets your brand known, liked, and trusted. It’s like an instant third-party endorsement.

Plus, it doesn’t cost anything when you EARN the exposure!

Inside one client's strategy and campaign

A client came to us with an advertising plan to promote the opening of a new restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

The plan was to spend $40,000 in advertising in local media outlets over a two month period.

We said, “What if we got you in all of those places, and a lot more, and you spent just 17.5% of that budget for PR outreach.”

So, we did.

We earned the client coverage in just about every single newspaper, magazine, and TV station – sometimes, more than once.

Because this coverage was earned and not paid for, it lasts forever – meaning you can still find it. 

In addition, it gives the restaurant credibility and authority because by earning the coverage, readers and viewers believed they deserved to be there so it resonated in a different way – more trusted. 

After one year, you can see the ROI this client received when they spent less, but got more. 

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