Christina in the Media

Thrive Global

I’m honored Ashley Graber took the time to put together this feature about me and my business growth here

Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast

In this podcast, I’m sharing how you can turn publicity into profit and see an ROI from the media you earn.

Custom Apparel Startups

I had a great time chatting with Mark and Marc from Custom Apparel Startups about how niche business owners can increase their visibility without spending money on ads. Listen to the podcast here

Flashpoint Podcast

I loved chatting with Richard Cardona about where I started, where I am now, and how I got there on his podcast. Listen here.

To Emerge Podcast

It was wonderful chatting with Becca about being a working mother and sharing tips and tricks for other mompreneurs here.


I’m so honored to be featured about my Instagram use by the platform I use for my Pinterest use. To read more about how I focus on Instagram engagement, click here.

Wild Business Growth Podcast

It was a pleasure chatting with Max Branstetter on his podcast about the importance of earning exposure instead of paying for it.

Rebekah Radice

I’m thrilled digital marketing and social media expert Rebekah Radice included me and my Instagram on her blog about “how to kickstart a social media strategy”. Read the blog here.

Strategy Hour Podcast

I loved chatting with Abagail from Think Creative Collective on the Strategy Hour Podcast. To listen to use chat about reaching thousands of ideal customers using media, click here.

Millennial Mastermind

I don’t just have my own podcast, I also appear as a guest on many others. Millennial Mastermind is one of those. Click here for more on how you can earn visibility for your brand in an interview.

Hard Corps Marketing Show

I had a blast when I was a guest on the Hard Corps Marketing Show. Click here to listen.

Cash Flow Diary Podcast

For more on how to leverage earned media to build your brand, click here to hear me on the Cash Flow Diary Podcast.

Epic Success Podcast

If you want to become a Media Maven ®, click here and listen to Dr. Shannon Irvine and me dish on doing what it takes.

Boss Mom Podcast

I’m so grateful to be back on the Boss Mom podcast with Dana Malstaff for the second time… and right before the 3rd Boss Mom Retreat. For more on how to boost your authority and build a larger client base using media appearances, click here.

Fit Small Business

In this article, I’m joined by 24 others who share tips on to grow your email list. Click here to read them all.

Build Your Network Podcast

I had a great time chatting with Travis about using media to grow your network. Listen to the episode I’m in on Build Your Network Podcast.

Smart Passive  Income with Pat Flynn

I am so grateful to be invited back to the SPI podcast AGAIN! This time, we’re talking about how you can earn PR for your brand… at any level. Click here to listen.

Pro Profs

Here, I weigh in on the #1 challenge faced by project managers and its resolution. If you’re a business owner, this is a must-read.


In this MuckRack article, I’m talking about traditional media and we need to evolve in earning it since the industry is evolving.

Voyage Miami

I’m honored to be featured in this issue of Voyage Miami. Click here to see it.

Thrive Global

I’m grateful to be one of 59 “women in journalism” mentioned in this article in Thrive Global.

Spin Sucks

When a writer at Spin Sucks asked me what my biggest marketing challenge was, I answered (along with a few other marketers). See what we had to say by clicking here.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

It’s an honor to be featured on Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich website as an entrepreneur earning six-figures a year and sharing some insight on how I am making it happen. (Scroll down to step 3 to see how I turned a side hustle into a thriving business.)

Animated Video

Video marketing is everything and will get even more popular in 2018. Here, I’m quoted with 23 others on the topic of using video effectively.

Business News Daily

The day this article was posted, I did a Facebook live. A few hours later, I was quoted in Business News Daily about Facebook live.

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Listen to my chat with John on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast here.

Muck Rack

I’m so honored Muck Rack named my blog, on this site, as one of the top 25 must-read public relations blogs! Check out the entire list right here.

Unstoppable Success Radio

I had so much fun talking with business coach Kelly Roach on her podcast, Unstoppable Success. Click here to listen!

How to Get More Positive Reviews

If you’re looking to beat Yelp’s filter and get more positive online reviews for my business, click here to read my tip and 110 others.

Social Media Don’ts Your Business Might Be Doing

If you’re in business, you need to be on social media. That’s step one. When some businesses try to do more, they fail. Click here to read my tip and others on what you should NOT do.

Why Working from Home is the Holy Grail of Productivity Hacks

In Best Life, I’m sharing why I love working from home and get so much more done staying put. Check out my hack and how other business owners make it work here.

59 Entrepreneurs Share their Best Tip on How to Start a New Business

I was lucky enough to be included in this article about how I started my own business. Click here and scroll about halfway down to see not one, but TWO of my tips.

Earning Media Exposure to Grow your Business with PR

The Catch 22 of business growth stems from the fact that you need exposure to make it happen, yet it’s tough to afford a PR professional until your business has grown to a certain level. On the Better Biz Academy podcast, I talk about how it’s possible to earn publicity on your own.

Why your Business MUST Focus on PR

Listen to my discussion on Standout with Cheryl Tan about the right way and the wrong way to capture the attention of journalists… and learn why good PR is essential.

How to get Local and National Media Coverage for your Business

Speaking your brand is so important. What’s speaking your brand and how do you do it? I’ll tell you in this podcast episode, Speaking your Brand with Carol Cox.

How to do PR on a budget

In this Entrepreneur Decoded podcast episode, I talk about how anyone, with any budget, can handle their PR. Listen to my conversation with Siimon Sander here.

27 Passive Income Ideas from the Pros

In this article, I’m one of 27 sharing how I earn passive income… and how you can too! (One of my methods is through online courses!)

43 Influencers Share their Best Networking Tips

I’m honored to be included in this round up with some other influencers I admire. Here, you will understand why I don’t see competition, only collaboration.

How to get Free Publicity for your Business: Tip from a PR expert

In this article published in Boss Babe, I break down how you can earn publicity for your business. You don’t need to pay someone to do it. You can do it yourself if you know what to do.

How to Distinguish Fake News

It’s a hot topic today and I’m giving my two cents here along with six others. If you want to know more about “fake news” scroll down and check out my viral article on How “the media” REALLY works.

New to Running your own Business? Advice from Small Business Owners

I love all of the tips in this is Business Magazine article. By being mentioned in this article, I am practicing what I preach, PR. My tip – be your own client.

How “the media” REALLY works

This was a guest post originally published in the Huffington Post, then shared on Muck Rack about my experiences working in the media and why I think “media experts” online look, well… uninformed. Love it or hate it, here it is.

The Art of Reputation Management: What Retailers need to know about PR

In this Shopify article, I offer my two cents and share a template for retailers working on their first press release to earn publicity.

Social Media Marketing: Everything you need to know to win more customers

This is a great article I’m mentioned in Manta about the ins and outs of building and growing a social media campaign.

The Boss Mom Podcast

I had a blast chatting with my friend Dana Malstaff about why and how small business owners can earn media exposure without paying big bucks to a PR firm on one of my favorites – the Boss Mom podcast. Listen to episode 159 here!

EOFire with John Lee Dumas

In episode 1553 of EOFire, I IGNITE with JLD and it’s all about earning publicity. Yes, you can do it!

10 Expert Tips to Making 2017 the Most Productive Year yet

I’ve written a few article for Fast Company as a contributor, but in this article, I’m sharing my best productivity hack with nine others.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn is the first podcast I ever listened to. I listened to it before I even started my business and now I’m joining an INSANE list of other entrepreneurs who have appeared as guests on his show. Click here for more on the public relations industry and how business owners can earn media exposure for their brand.

30 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog For Business

My tip was mentioned in the #1 spot of this article. My personal advice: I use my blog for fun… and to help with my business. I don’t want it to be all business all the time because that won’t appeal to most people. To read more, click here.

Award-Winning TV Reporter Launches PR Firm from her Home Office

I’m very honored Home Business Magazine not only profiled me, but also put me on the cover of the magazine! Check out the article online here.

Forbes: 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Press Releases

Because I spent a decade throwing out press releases after reading the first few words, I had to weigh in on this one right? Again, my tip mentioned first in the full article you can read by clicking here. Learn a lesson from this and make sure you only send press releases to journalists who cover your industry (and your geographic area). It’s important information people!

10 Facebook Tips for Creating Posts with High Engagement

Yes, likes are great… but engagement is better. My tip – ENGAGE! See more on that, and read nine more tips from other social media experts here.

The Marketers Speak: 42 one-liners and quick tips from top practitioners

There are TONS of marketing methods – what works, what doesn’t. This article gives you a bunch in a condensed form. It’s perfect! Mine – just three words at #12.

44 Thought Leaders Reveal Their #1 Tools Automated Marketing Efforts

When there is so much to do in so little time, you need some automation, right? I am one of 44 weighing in on today’s tools here.

18 Insider Social Media Engagement Ideas From the Pros

Take a look at these ideas that will help you connect more with your customers and clients online. My tip is about the accessibility to feedback.

10 Ways to Network like a Boss

If you want to get ahead in this world, you have to network as mentioned in this Time article.

Job Interview Q&A for the Position of Digital Marketing Manager

It’s a job almost every business that has an online presence has to fill. And yes, as you will read here, it is a lot more work than one may think.

Over 30 Entrepreneurs Explain Social Media Etiquette

Social media is huge for people personally, but it’s also just as big for businesses as well. So, where do you draw the line between the two? Here are some tips from 30 professionals in the business. See mine at #27.

4 Warning Signs it’s Time to Break Up with Your Boss

Sometimes, employees get burnt out. They work too much, don’t get enough time off, and they’re left feeling completely drained—and eventually, they’re ready to quit. Here are four warning signs it’s time to break up with your boss. Mine: You can’t get a raise.

11 Solid Tips for Effective Twitter Marketing from the Pros

Twitter is an extremely active platform, so it’s important to make sure your tweets are noticed. Check out my tip at #7 in this blog post.

4 Small Business Owners Tested Social Media Customer Retention Strategies

For a small business owner, social media gives you a way to re-engage past customers and bring them back for more. But there’s an art to sharing exactly the right kind of content in the right way, at the right time. Click here to see all the strategies. Mine is #1!

Behind the Business with Email

Email marketing is a big part of getting the word out about you and your brand. Here’s an interview featuring my take on it.

5 Ways Social Media Accounts Hurt Your Career

Social media is a big part of many people’s lives, and it can be a great tool to help build and maintain relationships, and for general self-expression. However, social media can easily lend itself to blurring the line between users’ personal and professional lives. Check out my take on what could be considered an offensive post here.

21 Insightful Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

I love all of these tips on how to get more eyes on your site. My tip = blogging. Click here to see all of the tips and why I think blogging helps you. 

Why this PR agency owner despises press releases

Because I’ve been on “the other side” of things, I have a different view on press releases than many other PR agency owners. They have a time and place, but it’s not that often. Click here to see what I mean in Ragan and in PR Daily – a couple of my favorite industry sites.

Spotlight on Mom Talk Radio

Click here to listen to my chat with host Maria Bailey as we talked about being a mom and an entrepreneur.

26 PR experts reveal their secrets for handling a media crisis

In a crisis? Click here to see my advice, and the advice of 25 others, for when you find yourself or your brand in a pickle.

Spotlight on Christina Nicholson in the Motivated Millennial

If you want to learn more about me and my business, just click here!

How to Promote your Business to the Media

I teamed up with Melinda Emerson, also known as the Small Biz Lady, to help small business owners earn media exposure. Click here to read the full article.