9 Steps to Make Money On Etsy Without Making Anything

About a month after Madison McCarty opened an Etsy store, she was making $1,000 with her new side hustle. Some of what she sells, she doesn’t even make herself!

I found Madison on TikTok when a 60-second video breaking down her process went viral. It intrigued me so I asked her to come on the Become a Media Maven podcast to break down her process and get super specific so we can see the same success she does.

These are the eight steps Madison covers… and she doesn’t hold back!

Step 1: Don’t overthink it. Just open an Etsy shop and become a seller.

Step 2: Sign up for an account with Printed Mint and check out their items for sale.

Step 3: Brainstorm what you’d want to buy and do research on Etsy.

Step 4: Design it on Canva.

Step 5: Mock it up with Printed Mint.

Step 6: Investigate competitors

Step 7: Post it on Etsy.

Step 8: Within one-week post 20 listings. Then, maintain it.

Step 9: Ask for reviews via email with Etsy marketing and include a business card or gift note with your customer’s order.


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