LIVE PR TRAINING: Earn big time visibility and reach thousands… even millions

(without spending big bucks on advertising!)

Have you ever seen a competitor on TV or in a magazine?

You can do that too!

When people see you featured in the media, you build authority and credibility.

Being seen as the go to person in your industry, can lead to big things happening!

On Monday, November 20th, you will learn how to INSTANTLY find your newsworthy story without you having to EVER waste money trying to reach your ideal customer, including:

  • The keys to an amazing story that gets you through the gatekeeper and into living rooms across the country.
  • How to discover your awesome newsworthy story, even if you don’t think you have one! (You do! And after this training you’ll know exactly where to find it).
  • You don’t need to be famous or huge: How a tiny two-man shop with no track record and no authority got major publicity across the country… just on the strength of one story!
  • And much, much more!

I want to learn more.

Join the live PR training!

    My name is Christina Nicholson. I’m a former TV reporter and anchor.

    Now, instead of being on TV, I get people like you and, businesses like yours, on TV and in other forms of media WITHOUT paying for the coverage.

    You need a story. No story = no coverage. Let's tell your story.

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