Being one of the most popular social media platforms today, LinkedIn is the social media for professionals who want to showcase themselves as experts in their industry to other professionals.

It is a place where business owners, marketers, accountants and all the other professions in the world come together to connect, create new opportunities, and share ideas.

So, if you’re thinking about meeting new people who you can connect with professionally, LinkedIn is definitely for you… and LinkedIn Inmail credits will serve you well!


LinkedIn Inmail Credits

One of LinkedIn’s popular features is Inmail messages. Inmail messages are the messages you can directly send to other LinkedIn users even if you’re not connected to them yet. This of it as Facebook messenger or a DM on Twitter.

LinkedIn Inmail is a great feature because it widens your ability to start a conversation with people you think you can work with in the future.

If you have a basic LinkedIn account, or free, then you may need to upgrade to a Premium account to use Inmail whenever you want.

3 Ways to use LinkedIn Inmail Credits

Having the ability to send Inmail comes with a lot of perks. First, you can reach both passive and active job candidates on the LinkedIn network. Second, Inmail allows you to send messages, even if you don’t have the person’s email address. Third, can also track down the effectiveness of your Inmail to receivers so you won’t have to wait and guess about their level of interest.

These types of messages have a specific limit called Inmail credits that can change according to the subscription you’re currently in. You can also check your available Inmail credits in the top section of your “Manage your account” page.

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