The popular professional social media site LinkedIn has a feature that lets you endorse a skill that can come in handy in meeting new professionals that have an interest in you and what you do.

How to Give and Receive LinkedIn Endorsements

Skill endorsements are a brilliant way to recognize and exhibit your skills without too much effort. This wonderful feature also lets your connections validate the strengths found on your page. This way, people can see your strengths and validation from other professionals.

This is a very simple and effective way of engaging your network, building and creating your professional brand, and increasing your credibility at the same time. 

Receiving Endorsements

If you already have a LinkedIn account and want to see if you have received any Skill Endorsements, all you need to do is scroll down to the Skills and Endorsement section that can be found on your own LinkedIn profile.

You can also add any skill to this section and when you accumulate a high number of endorsements for a skill you have in your profile, it will automatically increase your credibility.

Remember, you don’t need to ask someone to endorse you in order for you to receive an endorsement because you will be immediately notified via email when you receive an endorsement.

Giving Endorsements

Giving endorsements to your colleagues is a great way to give recognition to the skills you’ve seen them demonstrate. Endorsing your co-professionals can also help you keep strong connections and rapport with the people in your network. This can also result in having an easier reach to the people you endorsed because of the appreciation you’ve shown to them.

Because so many people use LinkedIn to start and execute business to business dealings, having endorsements that act as referrals for your entire network to see is a great thing.

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