How to Pitch Podcasts Looking for Guests

How to Pitch Podcasts Looking for Guests

How to Pitch Podcasts Looking for Guests

All forms of media are important, but today, there is no better or quicker way to grow your personal brand and see an ROI than being a guest on a podcast.

Angie Trueblood, the host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, talks about the biggest mistakes people make when they pitch themselves to be a guest on a podcast, including things like not personalizing the pitch for who they are pitching and paying attention to the first sentences in your pitch because it could make or break your chance.

In the podcast space, we as listeners and potential guests don’t get download numbers, so looking at other things like reviews and social media usage is a good indicator of the influence of the podcast and its host.

We also get into pay to play opportunities and much more.

Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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How to Pitch Podcasts Looking for Guests

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