In this episode of Become a Media Maven, I’m taking over and telling you how to make money from home… because I do!

I’m sharing details on how I built my business from the beginning as a “professional freelancer” to a business owner with a team and multiple streams of revenue that add up to multiple six figures.

Many people ask me what I do or how I make money from home… or anywhere with WiFi.

In the 12th episode of Become a Media Maven, I’m sharing the breakdown of the four streams of revenue in my business:

  1. PR Agency
  2. Mentoring Program
  3. TV Hosting
  4. Lifestyle Blogging

I also talk about my goals moving forward, why they are my goals, and what’s on the horizon for 2019.

In this episode, you’ll learn how I did all of this from home… without even having an office.

Here is a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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How to Make Money From Home