how to get on TV in 5 days

How to Get on TV in 5 Days

How to Get on TV in 5 Days

There is something about being seen on TV that sends a perception of credibility and authority to those watching.

It’s also the hardest medium to earn, but it’s my favorite and it’s what I’m best at.

I’m so excited to announce that TV in 5 Days at is open for founding members. These founding members will help me create the trainings based on their wants and needs.

Christina Nicholson on YouTube

To help me break down the local TV industry and landing coverage on local TV as a guest is Tracy Fosterling, a former local TV producer.

In this episode, she breaks down what it’s like working on an hour-long show, what her inbox looks like, and when she says “yes” to pitches.

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Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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For more on the episode, click here to download it and listen!

How to Get on TV in 5 Days

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