Are you using hashtags when you post on social media? If your answer is yes, you should know how to maximize your hashtag exposure. If you don’t know how to gain the eyeballs of online traffic, these five hashtag strategies will help.

Before you understand the usage of hashtags, let’s learn what a hashtag is.

It’s a number or pound sign (#) used in tweets, for example, to engage in conversations and organize them in a simple and easy way. People use hashtags that are unique and not too common to avoid getting mixed up in other conversations.

5 Brilliant Ways to Use #Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

1.    Choose unique hashtags

Your aim should be reaching your targeted audience using a hashtag. Therefore, you must have a hashtag that is unique and not too common or simple. This will help you to stand out from a crowd and highlight your strategies. It could also assist in going viral on the internet while avoiding confusion with other same hashtags.

If you are running an event, webinar or Twitter chats, reaching a community is a must. Choosing a unique hashtag will make sure you are reaching your audience and are easy to find be your ideal audience.

Verizon Wireless is a company that knows how to choose unique hashtags that helps them stand out of crowd and be recognizable. When you search for #vzw, you will see a crowded tweet stream. Some people use this hashtag when talking about Verizon, so the brand makes sure to use the detailed hashtag for their webinars and other events.

2.    Hashtags must be easy to remember

Choose a hashtag that is easy to remember. With many hashtags being used in the virtual world, some people end up creating a hashtag that is not easy to pronounce or spell. Many users will end up using a wrong hashtag, defeating the purpose of using one.


3.    Spread hashtags on different social media platforms

Once you decide the hashtag that will be used for a campaign, make efforts to spread it across multiple social media platforms. Remember, the use of the hashtag is not just limited to Twitter but is also used on Instagram. This facilitates the user to target the specific audience on a variety of platforms.

4.    Research a hashtag before you start using it

It would NOT be worth the effort to use a hashtag for a campaign if the same hashtag is used for a different purpose by someone else.

This may be the case if you use a hashtag without proper research. Make it a point to search the hashtag to see if it’s being used already. If it is, what is the purpose? This will avoid hampering the campaign before it starts.

5.    Make use of effective hashtags in your social media strategy

When you use hashtags in social media marketing, it is important to make use of the right hashtags, in the right place, to reach the targeted audience in a positive manner. Who knows? Your campaign could go viral and be a great revenue generator.


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