Why HARO is a hot mess

I don’t usually use  HARO. 

Most of the emails I get from them are ignored because it’s turned into a hot mess over there. 

Of course, the one time I use it in the last week, it turns out to be annoying.

I’ll share the entire story in screengrabs.

1. You will get value of this due to my response to the HARO query.


2. You may be entertained by the response from the so-called journalist looking for a backlink FROM ME when I was the one who responded to HIS query. (Make it make sense!)

To not be a total jerk in this situation, I redacted the guy’s name.

Then, I deleted his email without a response.

Can you even with this?!

I’ll go back to ignoring HARO now.


If you missed it on my socials, here is a behind-the-scenes look at my first shoot for Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew.

The national TV show is produced by Star Entertainment.

I am a producer and field correspondent… and my first shoot was amazing.

I can’t wait to tell this heartwarming and educational story.

You will be able to watch it on Fox Business in January 2024.

Next Week

I’m going to take a break from this newsletter next week since it’s Thanksgiving, but you can catch me here in your inbox on Thursday, November 30th.

In the meantime, do not sleep on my 6 episode series of what I took away from Atomic Habits on my podcast Become a Media Maven.

I’ve never done anything like this before and think I may do it more in the near year… so let me know what you think.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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