Lots of people I know use the Google Adwords Planner, also known as Keyword Planner, to do SEO research. For this, I use SEMRush. However, it is useful if you’re investing in Google ads because it’s what it was created for.

The Google Adword Planner is a tool that allows you to effectively choose what’s the best keyword to use for your businesses to drive targeted traffic to your ads. It’s the core to fully utilize the power of online advertising. In doing so, it increases the chance for potential customers to reach your product or service.

Accessing the Google Adwords Planner

To start, you need to create a Google Adwords account. It’s not necessary to create and start a campaign, so you can skip that part for now.

Log in your new Google Adwords account.

You should see a toolbar above. Click on that and select “Keyword Planner”.

After clicking on it, you’d be able to see three different types of tools.


Google Adwords Planner Tools

Search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category

This tool is straightforward. When you click on it, a menu will appear at the bottom.

Enter one or more of the following”

This part needs to be well thought out. Whatever you get from the planner will be mostly based on what you put in here.

Your product or service

Try to be specific in this part and avoid very general keywords like “Guitars” or “Vegetables”. Instead, go for a lot more definitive keyword like “Acoustic Guitars”, “Brand New Guitars” or “Electric Guitars”. You can use one to three keywords here.

Your landing page

If your site contains great keywords then feel free to add it here!

Your Product Category

This allows you to access Google’s database of keywords from different industries. It’s worth checking out in case there might be some keywords that you might’ve missed.


This part is simply country, language, and search engine you want to market. If you are a local business, you can get specific here.

Let me tell a little story about this: Once I was searching for something fun to do and typed in Jet Ski’s and an ad from Utah popped up. I live in South Florida. Clearly, the person handling jet ski rental advertising in Utah missed this part. (And I learned people rent jet ski’s in Utah!)

The last part that says “Negative Keywords” are the keywords you don’t want to advertise one.

Customize your search

Keyword Filters allows you to fill out particular keywords that don’t meet criteria.

Keyword Options is where you can tweak how broad you want the results to be.

Keywords to Include helps you choose to include particular keywords in your result.

Multiple Keywords list to get new keywords ideas

This tool will enable you to combine a whole bunch of keywords together and create a whole bunch of combinations – since different people search for the same thing in different ways. It’s really helpful when it comes to e-commerce keyword research because it tells you lots of possible combinations people search.

Now you’re ready to hop on, tinker with the keyword planner, and find the keywords that best fit your business!