How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool

With just about everything being done online today, it’s a no-brainer to market your business online as well. Think about it. When you want to look for something, what do you do? Chances are you Google it.

Google Adwords

Knowing how to use Google Adwords keyword tool is critical. Its effectiveness is unparalleled compared to other advertising services online.

Why Google? For starters, Google is the “to-go” place when you need to find something – a new microwave, place to get your hair done, or school to attend.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google uses the data people enter to display the appropriate ads that may interest the viewer. That’s huge because data doesn’t lie. There is no guessing game to play which means you are less likely to waste money if you use Google Adwords keyword tool correctly.

Advertisements displayed online depend on who is watching, which means there’s going to be a high chance of showing appropriate ads to the right customers. For example, the results for what you search are going to look different than what I search based on my interests, location, etc.

How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool

1. First, you need to log into your Google Account and accessing the Google Adwords home page.

2. To get to the keyword planner, click on Tools and Analysis on the top and select Keyword Planner.

3. There, you should be able to find three different tools that will help you find new keyword ideas based on data Google collects.

4. The first one is search for keyword and ad group ideas. This tool will help you find new keywords – whether it be for SEO research or pay per click campaigns.


5. The next took is the Landing Page. If you are using Google ads, this page is where you want to send the person clicking on the ad you create.

6. You can also take advantage of using the Keyword Options which helps you hide keywords from your account. This tool helps you include and exclude your keywords.

For example, if you want to target people looking for marketing help, you could exclude “stock” so you don’t show up in results about the stock market. You could also include a word like “social media” so you appear in social media marketing results.

7. Another tool is Enter or Upload Keywords to see how they perform. This tool allows you to be able to see the performance of the keywords that you listed.

8. Finally, you can use the Multiple Keyword List feature. This feature simply fuses two keywords lists. This is helpful when you’re trying to tackle multiple, closely related campaigns.

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