Get my Book for 99 Cents!

I finally did it!

It’s written.

It’s edited.

And TODAY, I hit publish on my debut book, and you can get it NOW for just 99 cents.

Here’s the deal…

I want to launch with a bang and to do that, I need your help.

If you help me celebrate by nabbing it for 99 cents, I will send you a signed paperback version of my book!

These are the steps: 

  1. Click here to purchase the Kindle version of the book on Amazon.
  2. Read at least some of it in the next week.
  3. Leave a review on Amazon in the next week.
  4. Take a screenshot of that review and email it to me with your mailing name and address.
  5. Receive a physical signed copy of Become a Media Maven in the mail!

Are you in?!

Something that’s also pretty cool about this book is that it comes with a companion workbook to help you implement what’s in Become a Media Maven.

For more on that and why I decided to self-publish vs traditionally publish, listen to this week’s podcast episode.