Find Speaking Opportunities in 12 Easy Steps

Laurie-Ann Murabito is a reformed painfully shy gal who accidentally became a professional speaker.

In this podcast episode, she talks about how you can find speaking opportunities and how to approach decision-makers so you get booked for them. The 12 specific points she breaks down are:

  1. Looking at where you already hang out and where your memberships are.
  2. Ask people in your network what conferences they go to.
  3. Let people know you are a speaker and can speak on specific topics.
  4. Find the decision-makers by looking at titles like a program coordinator, organizers, etc. You can also go to the association website and look under “about us” or the “leadership” tab.
  5. Find the event planners on LinkedIn to connect with
  6. If you can’t find the information, send your pitch to the President of the organization
  7. Pitch them by mentioning the event and ask about their process for booking speakers. Then tell them about the topics you speak about. If any sounds interesting, let’s talk!
  8. You can get paid on the front end or the back end (to speak and to sell)
  9. Be good on the platform, your niche – be specific and show it everywhere.
  10. Ask, “what’s your budget for speakers?” Pitch a breakout session to increase your value. Look at their revenue and at who has spoken in the past.
  11. Plant seeds to make an offer if no pitching is allowed.
  12. Even if you speak for no fee, send a speaker agreement to let them know what a deal they’re getting. In that agreement, ask for testimonials and referrals.

Laurie-Ann Murabito is a Business Mentor & Speaking Strategist who works with clients to communicate with confidence and leverage speaking opportunities and be positioned as the expert, attract high-end clients, and monetize their authority.

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