How to Execute a Marketing Plan with a Team

How to Execute a Marketing Plan with a Team

How to Execute a Marketing Plan with a Team

There is A LOT on the marketing umbrella, so you’re probably going to need some help by either outsourcing work or building an internal team.

As an author, consultant, and marketing integrator, Casey Gromer helps small and mid-sized visionary leaders work in their zone of genius while she develops and implements customized marketing plans that achieve both their financial and operational business goals.

In this podcast episode, Casey talks about how business owners can protect their role as a visionary while she helps execute a marketing plan.

This includes:

  • The challenge of working with external (marketing) teams that few business owners anticipate and how to overcome them
  • How visionaries can build their leadership team AND delegate to them so they can step back from the day-to-day operations of their business
  • Establishing a clear hierarchy of business goals that support each other-knowing the relationship b/t finance, operations and marketing
  • Anticipating the communication needs of teams and putting systems in place to empower team members to be proactive
  • Team meetings (ARGH!)Tactical steps to keeping meetings productive and focused on solutions
  • How to know if you’re too ‘in the weeds’ with different teams

Walk away from this episode knowing the importance of remaining in your zone of genius as a visionary and better prepared to outsource specific areas of your business, which will likely lead to more success in those areas.

Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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How to Execute a Marketing Plan with a Team

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