In today’s digital landscape we spend an ever-increasing amount of time-consuming content on our phones and computers.

A recent study revealed that the average person spends 90 minutes a day on their phone, which equates to 23 days out of the year. If you are spending this much time handling your business or personal email, you are likely having to sacrifice time otherwise spent on your passions or with the important people in your life.

There are some organization skills you can implement into your Gmail workflow to become more efficient at managing your inbox.

Create Organized Email Inbox Systems

There are a lot of productivity gurus who advocate for “inbox zero” but if your inbox is anything like mine, it is far from zero. Creating filters, folders, and star systems can be great ways to manage your far from zero inbox, for example.


Manage Email Inbox Subscriptions

Managing email subscriptions and sales spam can be the biggest weight in our inbox. Unsubscribing from these mass email blasts can be arduous but a way around that is to filter the email to immediately delete.

There are also some really helpful tools you can implement into your email. If those email subscriptions continue to pile up, try installing the plugin and quickly unsubscribe to the newsletters you no longer read.

Use Email Responder Templates

If most of your time spent on Gmail is replying, try using templated responses to automate the work. Having canned responses can greatly speed up your response time and impress colleagues with your newfound productivity.

Since the average person spends 28 percent of their workday reading, answering, and otherwise managing their email, it should come as no surprise that becoming more efficient with Gmail will result in freeing up time that can be spent far more productively.

Try implementing some of these Gmail tips from GetVoIP into your email management to streamline your workflow.

gmail tips to have more productive email This is a This is a guest post by Drew Page, a content marketing manager.