5 Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in 2017

The digital marketing field has truly taken its toll on the millennial generation. It’s a new year, so expect to see some of these digital marketing trends rule 2017.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]It’s a new year, so expect to see these #digitalmarketing trends to rule 2017.[/Tweet]

1. Augmented Reality

People couldn’t fathom that Pokémon Go would take the world by storm. The revenues it garnered amounted to $10 million a day. A DAY!

The footprint it has left in the augmented reality aspect of the digital domain is a force to be reckoned with.


Now, the future is bright for augmented reality games. More developers will seek to capitalize on augmented reality to bring the best in gaming experience for die-hard gamers. Expect to see a plethora of augmented reality games, ads, apps and what not.

2. Niche Market Targeting

The more the online marketing domain grows, the more crowded it becomes. Because of that, marketers have come up with ways to direct their efforts towards niche markets.

The advantage lies in creating tailored content for an audience, so clutter can be minimized and loyal reader or customer base can be generated. Leads can be converted via this method in a more cost-efficient manner as the marketer can ascertain the specific demographics, topics, and geographical location of the prospective buyers.

Geofencing is a good example of how online marketers are using geographical information of their leads to send them lucrative offers about a new product or service.

3. Live Video Streaming

Social media users crave for live moments. The Facebook ‘Live’ feature, Instagram stories, and Snapchat are all about being in the moment. Now people can view their friends and family enjoying picnics, trips, dinner etc. from miles away, even births and weddings.


Celebrities all over the world are resorting to live streaming. They broadcast what they are up to, where they are, and engage with their fans in real time and respond to their comments and questions.

The US presidential debate is the classic example of live streaming which garnered in millions of viewers.


4. Data Visualization

We have all learned at one time or another, that raw data can be shared and mapped onto a lot of things in classrooms, but we never really could do it without our teachers and textbooks.

The data visualization is going to be the new trend that will shape our reality. It is not just going to be data interpretation or analysis, but instead the use of tools that will amplify the significance of data visualization.

In other words, if you ignore this digital marketing trend in 2017, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

5. Immersive Content

This is also known as engaging content that works by complementing virtual reality and augmented reality campaigns. Engaging content generates the pull for your loyal customer base by way of videos, infographics, live webinars and what not.


360-degree videos are already making waves in the digital marketing domain. In 2017, it will not merely be about creating content, but instead, delivering experiences.


This is a guest post from Rayanne Dany. Rayanne is a digital marketing trends expert. She loves to blog to educate her audience about latest online marketing trends, social media marketing practices, and blogging. She is associated with an assignment writing firm in the UK.