7 Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

With the passage of time, technology is ruling and the internet has become so powerful that it has taken the word of marketing, digital marketing, to another level.

Technology coupled with storytelling, that is accessible on your phone, is very much capable of winning consumers hearts… and money.

7 top digital marketing trends in 2018


1. AI and Chatbots are going to be the rising king

With the arrival of AI, no doubt the credibility of digital marketers will increase. It is already taking over the world at a rapid pace and soon will be seen in every sector of all types of industries.

Consumers will experience another level of customer service and support. In the world of customer support and assistance, they are going to stay as the best-chosen contender to evoke and express emotions like another human being.

2. Videos will remain prominent

Recently, the internet has witnessed an outbreak of videos and video makers. Videos are entertaining and tempting at the same time.

If you are a digital marketer, make user-generated clips and videos.


3. Content still remains the undefeated king

In 2018 as well, content is king. For successful user engagement, lead generation, and promoting a business, it will be used for all.

Whether the content is in a form of audio, visual, graphics, or written – it will always lead. If you produce original, engaging, and appealing content, you are going to win.

4. Influencer marketing will surge

Getting a business or brand endorsed by famous celebrities would cost a heck a lot of money, but times have changed.

In 2018, people will see more influencer marketing, rather than celebrity endorsements, because people see those plugs as recommendations from friends.


5. Predictive analysis and big data will lead

It’s possible to analyze customers online through online data. With this, you can target your marketing efforts strategically.

6. Digital marketing tools will surge

Digital marketing tools like BuzzSumo, PowToons, Hubspot, Google Trends, and Apester are going to grow in popularity because they make everything digital easier to understand and execute.

These tools can help in publishing and creating interactive content, help in keyword research, video editing, storytelling, brand modeling, lead generation and management, campaign handling, and so much more.

7. Storytelling will remain

To differentiate your content from others, storytelling will play an important role. It helps provoke thoughts and aspires consumers to take a look and feel something from your messaging.

Storytelling is also applicable in all forms of content – words, images, video.


This is a guest post by Ankur Aggarwal – a digital marketer and entrepreneur at

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