Day Three: Profit

You made it! It’s day three… the last day of this media class. Congrats!

Remember, you can do two things:

1. Watch the video below

2. Read the text here

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christina nicholson media maven

All that publicity is great. Having those logos to put on your website and marketing materials will set you apart from your competition. It shows you’re credible and are an authority in your industry.

But, what if someone doesn’t see the coverage? Or what if someone sees it, then five minutes later they’re on to something else and they’ve forgotten about it?

The average amount a person needs to see something before making a buying decision in seven. You need to be in front of that person seven times.

So, you need to do PR on your PR.

Almost all of my leads come from the exposure I earn myself. I can track tens of thousands of dollars from being a guest on a podcast. So, I’m doing more podcast pitching because I’m seeing the profit from that publicity. But I don’t do the interview and call it a day.

I share it. Assuming your ideal customer or client heard, saw, or read whatever appearance you made is wrong. We are living in a world where content is everywhere and it’s constantly changing right in front of our eyes, so you need to remind people:

“Hey, I was just a guest on Smart Passive Income” or “Check out this article I wrote in Inc. Magazine” or “If you missed my quote in this Forbes article, here it is”.

You do this by creating a media page on your website, by emailing your list and linking back to the coverage, and by sharing on your social media channels. This one is the big one.

When you share on social media, you need to be sharing over and over and over again. Make the post evergreen and recycle it.

I use Smarterqueue for this, so I can set it and forget it. I schedule it once and it will automatically get in a queue and post every 10, 20, 30 days – whatever I set it to. If you want to try Smarterqueue for free, here is a link for you do so.

Try Smarterqueue for free!

While you’re sharing, it’s important to tag the outlet that featured you and the journalist or editor who made it happen. When other people see this, they are more likely to be impressed by the coverage because you’re showing the new relationship you have with an outlet which only increases your authority and credibility AND you’re also sending a message to that outlet and member of the media that you are grateful for the coverage and are sharing it with your audience. They love this because you’re getting more eyeballs on their content, so they’re more likely to come back to you next time they need help covering something in your niche.

Also, don’t just look at numbers. Remember to look at the people behind the numbers. I had a client earn coverage on the Today show with an audience of almost 4 million. That’s amazing coverage, but the audience is very broad. The same client earned coverage in a niche magazine with a circulation of about 600,000. Much smaller, but because it was more specific to their audience, that’s where to saw a bigger profit – both from the media hit and after when they did PR on their PR.

So, don’t think a couple of great media hits are going to set you up for business success for life. Seven is the lucky number. This is one reason it’s important to continue earning media, share the media, then earn more.

Investing in your own public relations strategy is like investing in the stock market. If you do the right things, you will see organic growth slowly, day by day. Obviously, there are many opportunities to land major coverage that make a huge impact on your brand… and you can get multiple media hits like this.

How would you feel if all that media coverage led to consistent leads, clients, customers, and income?

You can make a big difference in your life and in the lives of others through your media exposure. If you have a day job still, imagine getting rid of it and focusing on your passion… just like Crystal is doing in San Diego, and Leah is doing in Australia, Aviva who has her own column in Forbes, and Kathy who did a live shot on TV with a chicken.

Ditch that long to do list.

Forget about your business with little online presence.

Instead, we can work together to give you a brand that’s easy for people to find. You will always have leads to work with. No more spinning your wheels and trying to figure out what the next big thing is that’s going to finally help your business take off… because this is it.

It’s worked for me, it’s worked for many clients who didn’t even consider themselves business owners because they weren’t making any money. A big reason is because no one knew about them. So, if you’re ready to be known as an industry leader and be envied by your competitors, then I want to formally invite you to join me in my Media Mentoring Program.

My experience is your shortcut. This is your one-stop shop to become a media powerhouse.

There are lots of other media courses out there, but this one is different. It’s not just a course, it’s a mentorship.

You can have incredible access to me – someone who has worked in five different newsrooms across the country as a producer, reporter, and anchor, has written for the most prestigious publications in the country and is a current national TV host.

Because of this, you’ll have all the knowledge, tools, and strategies to find your newsworthy story the media will LOVE and be able to pitch it to countless media outlets – TV, podcasts, online, and print – what your target audience is watching, listening to, and reading.

I will walk you through what to do and how to do it so you with earn publicity, be known as an authority in your industry, so you will get more traffic and visibility.

Just out of curiosity, how open-minded are you to doing what it takes to set yourself apart from others who do the same thing you do? To using publicity to grow your business and your profit?

It’s one thing to join a program, but another to actually DO the work to make big things happen. You have my support to implement the things you learn in the program, so you will see success!

Everything you need to get media exposure is covered in the first two weeks!

You will have lifetime access to work at your own pace. You will receive clear action items each week to set you up for success… fast. You’ll get 12 video modules with unlimited email access to me and my team AND bonus video modules with experts in the media and PR that dive deep on certain topics, like promoting non-fiction books in the media or getting paid to speak or how to stop wasting money on Facebook ads and actually see an ROI.

These last three days, we’ve only scratched the surface. In the media mentoring program, I’ll teach you:

  • How to build a relationship with members of the media so they know who you are when they see your name in their inbox
  • How to create and maintain a valuable pitch list to reach the right person and make pitching faster, easier, and more effective
  • How to find the right influencer for your brand to turn it into sales (and protect yourself from those influencers who are looking for shortcuts and freebies)
  • How to work with other influencers on their social media platforms to draw their audience to your platforms – website, social media, or even better: email list!

And so much more.

christina nicholson media mavenAfter you sign up, you’ll get:

  • An email from me with all the sign in information and my direct email to contact me anytime throughout the mentoring program
  • Immediate access to the first three modules
  • Each week, one module will be released… along with lots of great bonus modules over three months.

Yes, you can change your business and change your life in only three months.

I’m so confident this will get your brand more well known than it is now, that I’m willing to take 100% of the risk. That’s why I’m letting you try it out for 30 days.

If you work through the first three modules, complete one call with me, and forward me the pitches you’ve sent to at least five journalists to start earning media coverage… and you still don’t feel we’re a good fit, I’ll refund your full investment.

The average cost of hiring a PR agency would cost you $6,000 a month, with a six-month contract, for $36,000 total. I’ve been on the other side of those pitches. Trust me, many times, it’s not worth it.

Today, I want to offer you something better… for a fraction of that price.

  • 2 introduction video modules to get you ready to implement
  • 10 video modules with step by step lessons
  • Bonus interviews with industry experts in book PR, speaking, profiting, and Facebook ads
  • Lifetime access to work at your own pace
  • Clear action items to set you up for success… fast
  • Drag and Drop pitches that have ended in national coverage
  • NOT templates, real pitches
  • Secrets to using HARO to actually land coverage
  • My unfair advantage to being on both sides of the media (and I still am!)

Just imagine… what you AND your business would look like in just six months if you joined me today? In just three months?!

For only $997. If that’s too much for you, let’s make it three payments of $347.

But, I want to give you even more…

If you have been dying to be in O Magazine or on Good Morning America, don’t waste your time searching for the contact information of the right person to reach. Most of it can’t be found online. That’s why this bonus is so great for you. I’m using my media contacts, my PR contacts, and software that costs $3,000 each year to pull this information for you.

But, you need to act fast to get it because this bonus expires in just 72 hours.

Most people will try to do this on their own, but they will waste their time trying because they don’t have expert guidance, support, or accountability.

If you’re like me, you know working with someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish is a shortcut to immediate success.

The good news, this is your opportunity to work with me and my team directly to get you further, faster.

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You have two options:

One is to keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope something turns around soon, or you can join me and many other successful entrepreneurs to boost your authority and skyrocket your visibility in the Media Mentoring Program.

Which one is going to be easier for you?