Content may be king now, but that doesn’t mean that all content is delivering you the results you expect it to. A study by Moz and BuzzSumo found that up to 75% of a million online articles were not engaging – meaning that the content was not successful in gaining engagement from readers.

No engagement = no transformation. No transformation = no possible conversion of your readers to leads or sales.

This is why creating more engaging content has become the top priority for digital marketers. Engagement, when triggered, can be a great catalyst for conversion, and that is what digital marketers are ultimately aiming for when they create content.

However, 60% of marketers still consider creating enough engaging content to be their biggest challenge.


When I say “creating enough engaging content”, this doesn’t mean create several forms content, heaps of it, and hope that it’s all engaging enough for a potential audience. Even the most amount of content, if it does not have high enough quality and engaging information, will ultimately fall short of expectations and fail.

6 Steps to Creating Engaging Content

Creating engaging content, however, is not a behemoth of a task. In fact, it can involve some concepts most of us might overlook. Here are the six steps to follow, as key takeaways from the infographic below:

  1. Focus on Current Trends

  2. Write Stories that Appeal to Readers’ Emotions

  3. Drive Engagement with Visual Elements

  4. Support Your Content with Facts and Links

  5. Diversify your Types of Content

  6. Give Them Something to Takeaway

Learn more about these steps, such as how they can help you create more engaging content and how you can successfully pull them off the next time you write your piece of content with this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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