Creating Content, Finding Contact Information, and Standing out in Emails

Creating Content, Finding Contact Information, and Standing out in Emails

Today, I’ll be addressing some crucial questions that have been asked by my audience. These questions revolve around creating content, finding contact information, and making your emails stand out in a world filled with digital noise.

I recently reached out to my email list to ask if anyone had questions about these two critical topics, and the response was fantastic. In this post, I’ll dive deep into these questions and provide you with valuable insights on these subjects. Let’s get started.


Question 1: What’s your biggest frustration with learning about how to get attention without using ads?

The time-consuming nature of content creation and repurposing is difficult, and while it is important to have consistent content, we want to do it without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some tips for maintaining a consistent content creation schedule:

Set a Recurring Schedule: Block out specific time slots on your calendar for content creation or repurposing. For example, dedicate every Tuesday between 9 AM and 12 PM to content-related tasks.

Record and Repurpose Together: Try to combine tasks when possible. For instance, you can record podcast episodes and YouTube videos in a single session. This saves time and effort.

Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA): If feasible, enlist the help of a VA to assist with repurposing content. A VA can turn podcast show notes into blog posts, create pins for Pinterest, or assist with various content-related tasks.

Create Micro-Content: Turn your long-form content into smaller, easily shareable pieces. Share these snippets on social media to provide value and direct people to your main content.

Make It Easy on Yourself: Streamline your content creation by focusing on efficiency. Avoid making the process overly complicated.

By implementing these strategies, you can create and repurpose content more consistently without feeling overwhelmed.

Question 2: How can you find and follow up with opportunities to be on other people’s platforms when you have a small email list?

Thanks again to Diana for our second question. Many people are curious about how to be featured on other people’s platforms to grow their lists, despite having a small number of subscribers.

Here are some strategies to address this issue:

Offer Valuable Freebies: Create a valuable free resource or “lead magnet” to entice people to join your email list. Ensure that your freebie provides genuine value to your target audience.

Email List Swaps: Collaborate with others in your niche for email list swaps. You can exchange emails containing each other’s freebies to reach new audiences.

SEO-Focused Blog Posts: Incorporate your freebie into SEO-optimized blog posts. Use it as a valuable resource that complements your content. Include call-to-action buttons that lead readers to your landing page.

Share Freebies on Podcasts: If you’re a podcast guest, promote your freebie during the show. Encourage listeners to visit your website to download it.

Sponsored Emails and Podcasts: Consider sponsoring email newsletters or podcasts that cater to your target audience. This can be an effective way to reach the right people.

Homepage Visibility: Ensure your freebie is prominently displayed on your website’s homepage. Make it easy for website visitors to access and subscribe to your list.

Social Media Advertising: Use social media ads to promote your freebie. These ads can help you reach a wider audience and direct them to your landing page.

Email Funnel: Create a well-structured email funnel that guides subscribers through a series of steps, gradually building trust and offering them more value. Eventually, introduce your paid offers once they’ve received sufficient value.

By implementing these strategies, even with a small email list, you can grow your audience and make the most of your opportunities.

Question 3: How Do You Make Your Emails Stand Out Among the Noise?

Thank you to Greg Gerber for raising question number 3. Making sure your emails stand out in a crowded inbox and ensuring your messages are opened, read, and acted upon is really important.

To achieve this, consider the following strategies:

Compelling Subject Lines: Craft short, catchy subject lines that pique curiosity and intrigue recipients. Avoid generic terms like “press release” or “interview request.”

Boomerang for Follow-ups: Use tools like Boomerang to schedule follow-up emails. Remind yourself to reach out again if you haven’t received a response after a certain period.

Social Media Engagement: Reach out to contacts through social media platforms, highlighting your email communication. A notification on social media can encourage them to check their inbox.

Personalization: Personalize your emails to make the recipient feel valued. Address them by name and reference their interests or past interactions when relevant.

Value-Oriented Messaging: Focus on the benefits your recipient will gain from your email, rather than just the features. Make them feel excited about the value they’ll receive.

Continual Testing and Optimization: A/B test your email campaigns to identify what works best. This can help you refine your email content, subject lines, and call-to-actions for better results.

Mastering content creation, growing your email list, and making your emails stand out are essential skills for anyone aiming to thrive in the media and PR landscape. While challenges like time constraints and a small email list might seem daunting, the right strategies can help you overcome them and succeed in your endeavors. By following these tips and continuously refining your approach, you’ll improve your content creation process, increase your email list, and ensure your emails break through the noise. Good luck!

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