Creating Content, Finding Contact Information, and Standing out in Emails

At the end of 2022, I asked the wonderful business owners on my email list to ask me anything about their biggest frustration in learning how to get attention without using ads.

I saw a recurring theme with three people and answer their questions here about:

  • the amount of time it takes to write and repurpose content consistently
  • finding and following up with opportunities to be on other people’s platforms
  • finding the right people to contact in the media
  • how to get messages to stand out so people actually open an email and act upon it
  • how to translate attention into sales

Some resources mentioned in this episode include:

  • 16 Places accepting contributors:

  • Pitch Publicity Profit:

  • Media Mentoring Program:

  • Podcast Clout:

  • My Newsletter:

  • Justin Welsh’s LinkedIn Operating System:

  • Justin Welsh’s Content Operating System:  

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