Why I created an online course

When I left the news business and got into public relations, I learned a lot of people don’t really understand how editorial media works. Business owners didn’t get it and some publicists didn’t get it.

The problem of not knowing…

During business development, a lot of people will ask me:

How much do I pay you to get me in Forbes?

If I hire you, when will I get in Forbes?

The answer:

You don’t pay me to get you in Forbes. You pay me to actively pitch you to Forbes.

You’ll get in Forbes when a writer or editor thinks you’re worthy of it.

As you can image, those aren’t the answers potential clients want to hear, but that’s the truth. Many public relations firm or publicists will sugar coat it and maybe stretch the truth a bit. I think this why I also hear this when I talk to potential clients:

I don’t know if I want to hire PR. I just had a really bad experience of giving all my money to someone and I got nothing in return. Now, it’s not in the budget.

Media relations isn’t only a lot of work, but it’s a lot of work with no guarantee. I compare it to a doctor. Your doctor can’t guarantee you’ll feel better, but he or she can do everything known to get you there.


The Solution: An Online Course

After seeing so many negative experiences and lack of budgets, I decided to teach people everything I know – from in front of the camera, to behind the camera, to working in PR. When you’ve been burned and/or don’t have money to outsource, you are left with no other choice but to learn how to handle some things on your own. (It’s why business owners wear so many hats!)

I’ve done it many times – website development, SEO, etc., and quickly learned I wasn’t going to waste my time anymore. Instead of spending hours, days, or even months trying to get something right, I spent a little money and learned from someone who lives and breathes what I wanted to know.

Then, it hit me: Why not do that with what I know?

I have more than 10 years of experience in the media industry. I’ve seen a lot and I know a lot. The benefits of my knowledge to a small business owner can lead to big changes. That’s why I created an online course – to share that knowledge.

Christina, why are you giving everything away? Now, some people won’t hire you.

Many people have said that to me. I respond with,

They wouldn’t hire me anyway. People buying my course want to handle this themselves. They don’t have a budget to hire me. They don’t trust someone to outsource important work. Why not teach them how to succeed by sharing what I’ve experienced through an online course?

For more on my online courses, click here.

Want to try out some free courses? Join my 10-day get in your local newspaper challenge or the mini version of Master your Media Relations here. Both of these resources have resulted in media coverage for small business owners who implement what they learn.


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