create online business systems

How to Create Online Business Systems

How to Create Online Business Systems

An online business system is a group of rules that tell people how to do things and when to do them.

It’s a roadmap anyone can use to run your business. You can file them in a way everyone can understand with folders for each topic, for example.

According to my podcast guest, there are three must-have online business systems:

1. Operational to show how things gel together and how everyone knows what’s going on

2. Marketing to show how are you are consistently putting yourself out there to attract people

3. Financial to show the flow of money in and out of your business

In this podcast episode, we touch on so much including generating business, checking email, social media, team building, administration, and more.

Generating Business

When we talk about generating business, Sheri-Anne is focusing on following up on leads specifically.

Potential clients are not going to jump on what you’re selling right away, so it’s in the follow-up.

Sheri-Anne suggests putting the information into a prospecting spreadsheet and never leave them hanging until they become a client.

“I’ll keep going until I get a no,” Sheri-Anne said.

Checking Email

Sheri-Anne’s calendar block tells her what to do and when to do it, like when to check her email. (I do the same.)

Social Media

Posting and being social on social media is very important today.

Sheri-Anne calls her social media strategy her lunchtime leisure activity, then has time blocked out in the week for more social media focus.

Team Building

Onboarding a team member is like employing new technology when it comes to teaching them what to do.

When building a team, you need to ask yourself, where do I need help and what do I need help with?

Map out exactly what that person will do so the responsibility will be taken away from you to free up your time to do other things.

From there, build the job profile and hire for that task that needs to be done. Yes, hire for the task, not the person.


Having a formal way to invoice your clients on time to avoid a cash flow problem is key. Sheri-Anne says this sounds simple, but so many business owners are NOT doing this.

It’s important to set up an automatic payment system and ask yourself:

Are you paying bills? Are you paying yourself? Are you paying your team?

If not, you need to cut your expenses.

Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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